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Happy Sale Day!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Fingers Over A Keyboard

Sometimes I post the pictures and think about what to say and have no idea.

A Day of Hours

This day was lovely. It was a little spontaneous too.

Two Deleted Posts


I’ve written two blog posts and deleted them.

Annie Hall, or Menswear

Yes, I love my flowy, boho, ruffles, with crochet, and fringe. We all know that far, far too well.

A Casual Day…

…calls for casual clothes. ¬†Though, as we all know I’m never all business-y anyway.

Without A Care…

….I dance.

Hey Sports Fans? *A Parody*

So a girlfriend told me about this woman that does parodies of sports shirts. They parody the team logo and name. I, of course, bought the one for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Force Feed Me Pumpkin





Sweater Dress – Ruche   //  Cardigan – c/o Wallis  //  Boots – I forget  //  Tights – gift from Poland  //  Waterfall Necklace & Bracelet – c/o Atterley Road  //  Skull Necklace – Monserat de Lucca

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it, Fall is pretty.  The colors and the textures are wonderful.  But you’re still not gonna get me to like it.  I don’t like the dropping temperatures, or the fact that I know Winter is a blink away.

You can tie me down, and force feed me all the pumpkin chai teas, pumpkin pies, muffins, and ciders you can manage *and seriously I encourage you to do so* but that’s still not gonna change my mind.  I’m a summer girl.  Give me hot winds, blazing suns, and fluttering kimonos any time.

But I’m trying to find the positive in things these days, so….hand over that pumpkin chai already.

I Don’t Match




Halter – Jacob   //  Palazzo Pants – F21  //  Bib Necklace – I foregt *old*  //  Ring – Body Blue in Toronto  //  Sandals – Call It Spring

I don’t match things.  I don’t think about does this match per se.  I think does this ‘go.’  There’s a difference I think.  Matching means the same – it means they are the same.  When I put clothes on I don’t think about whether they are the same and therefore matching, I think about do they go together.

Do they bring something out in the other?  Do they create a contrast, a balance, or even spark your interest in the way the patterns, textures, or colors play off of each other?  Mostly, I ask myself do they feel right together?

This is all subconscious – mostly.  For instance, I didn’t realize these two pieces even had differing patterns.  They just felt right together.

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