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Snowy Premiere of Deep Six

This is the dilemma that a Toronto actor faces: you’ve got a premiere to go to, but it’s a freakin’ snow storm out there.

Fashion Tinder Kind of World

I dressed the same way as I did my hair: depending on what took my fancy, and what I felt like at the moment.” – Brigitte Bardot

The Struts at The Opera House

Nothing was going to stop me from seeing The Struts play.

Leather Nerd: Wearing Leather Pants with Star Wars

Every Winter, no matter how mild the Winter, there’s this anticipation.

Resolutions Whenever

“The body tries to tell the truth. But it’s usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move. We cripple ourselves with lies.” – Jim Morrison.

A Simple Day

Sometimes a simple day is what you need.

Heels and Leather Pants


Kind of a natural pairing, you know? Like jeans and a tee. Coffee and croissant. There’s something about putting the two together that feels right.

I don’t often wear heels. Hardly ever, but lately, after finding some incredibly comfy ones at warehouse sales…you know, I’m thinking they might be all right. These particular ones though, I’ve owned for years after finding them on the shelves of Winners.

I’m never going to be a full convert though. Because I like the functionality of flats too much. But sometimes. Sometimes I get the appeal, and I think I’ll indulge more.

And leather pants? Well, you just can’t have enough of those. Granted they’re fake. And I own two pairs so far…damn, there’s a great feeling that comes over you when you slip on a pair. That’s the best thing about fashion, the feeling that some pieces can give you.





Pleather pants – Zara  //  Top – Spell Designs  //  Jacket – Spotted Moth *old*  //  Heels – Winners

It’s All About Interest




Jacket & Shirt – UO  //  Fedora – ThreadSence  //  Pants – Zara  // Boots – Aldo  //  Earrings & rings – I forget *old*

Sometimes, rarely, I do enjoy wearing an all black ensemble.  But whenever I do monochrome, I love playing with textures upon textures.  Sequins, wool, fur, and pleather….did I miss anything?

It’s just interest I guess.  I love to see some interest in clothing. When there’s textures, or colors, there’s interest, feeling, and a sense of that individual’s attitude for the eve.  I don’t presume to encourage people to judge by the cover, but it’s fun to say something about your state of mind at this particular moment.

Mine was all about the party.

Why Ask Why





Shirt & Leather like pants – Zara  //  Boots – Call It Spring  // Black cuff – EBay  //  Grey Metal Bracelet – Threadsence

Remember when I told you we’re firmly in that “Why” stage?  Well, it’s truly and firmly engraved.  Changing her diaper while she was sleeping, I rolled her over and she ejected a spontaneous “why?!” in her sleep.

I whispered, “Because it stinks.”

Pretty sure she didn’t hear me though.

Clearly I’m A Very Disturbed Individual

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

Netflix, the on demand tv subscription, provides suggestions based on what you watch. I think Netflix must be seriously concerned about my mental health. Either that or it thinks I’m a morbid, serial killing, pedophile, with a post-apocalyptic obsession. Oh and Buffy – ’cause my Mom watched that while she was here.

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants
Tunic – Free People  //  Leggings – Lush  //  Beanie – Tristan  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace – Vanessa Mooney  //  Belt – came with a dress

“Because you watched The Following” – it recommends documentaries, reality tv shows, and movies all about serial killing.

“Because you watched Cabin In The Woods” – it recommends every horror show and movie ever.

“Because you watched Dual Survivor” – it’s recommended tons of reality and fiction apocalyptic and ‘prep for the apocalypse’ shows.

“Because you watched Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, Super Why, and Dora”- it recommends all the children’s shows.

Yeah.  I’m pretty sure that Netflix not only thinks of me as a disturbed individual with violent, apocalyptic, and children’s obsessions, but it actively promotes those obsessions.

I’m kind of embarrassed to show anyone my Netflix account.  More than my underwear drawer.  At least that’s all clean.  My Netlfix recommendations on the other hand….

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