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When The Rains Come

Jacket – Smart Set; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Boots – Petite Pied.

This agent search has been pretty interesting so far.  I got an email from one agency which was actually quite brusque and another from a very large agency that was actually very professional and polite.  I appreciated the president of the large agency taking the time to write me one or two sentences to let me know where they’re at.  Now, I’m hopeful that something good will come of it, but I’m also of the mind that you plan for the worst, but hope for the best.  So right now, I’m not sure what I’m planning for but I’m keeping my umbrella up!

But what’s been really interesting is the people who have come to my support.  I reached out to friends and fellow actors, and help has come from the most surprising places.  Whereas it’s been absent from sources I would’ve thought would be forthcoming.  Funny how that always happens eh?  On the whole though, I’m blessed to have people around me who support and encourage me.  And regardless of the end result,  this process has made me touch base and discover new people.  Something positive just has to come out of that!

Stars And Summer

Baby handed me a leaf…

And then took it back!

Jacket – F21; Top & Necklace – Ruche; Tank & Flares – Gap; Boots – Walmart.

I’m actually kind of glad that Monday is here.  Fresh week, fresh start.  Feels great.  I’m loving how busy I am and all the things I’m up to.  Don’t worry, I’ll share as they become relevant.  And hey, I got interviewed on the street today for CPAC.  They wanted my political opinions and though I don’t usually speak out about politics, this time the questions were ones that I felt comfortable speaking about.

We’re experiencing an indian summer here and it’s wonderful!  Anything that can forestall the cold temperatures makes me happy!  These flares and chiffon top were a perfect way to continue this feeling of a laid-back, breezy extension to summer.

True Story:
We have this turtle nightlight that shines stars onto the ceiling.  Baby insists on it being inside her crib.  So at bedtime, when the blackout curtains have been lowered and the lights turned out, Husband and I can see stars through the crack in her door.  
Turned on.  Then off.  
On. Off.  On.  Off.  On. Off.  On.
Well, you get the idea.

Giddy As A Schoolgirl

I wore this jacket in the cooler morning weather.

If you dropped by my house, you’d find me wearing this fun apron over my daily outfit.

Shirt – thrifted; Dress – Ruche; Shoes – Payless.

 Okay, so I actually didn’t get dressed yesterday.  I threw jeans on to go to the park with Baby, but I didn’t actually put on any kind of decent clothing.  Mostly, it was pajamas for me.   I did however get dressed today.

It’s so beautiful outside that it hardly feels like fall.  *which it technically isn’t until Friday*  I know that Fall is associated with darker, deeper colors and I’m all for seasonal dressing. But I also enjoy wearing bright, happy colors year round.  I don’t really follow rules that way.  I’ll wear white after labour day, black with brown and navy, and I’ll wear a sundress in the middle of winter *though I’ll layer it with tights, tops and sweaters – often turning it into a skirt*  So despite it being fall, I didn’t in the least mind throwing on this pretty summer dress.  I love the twirl quotient of this dress.  It always makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.

And I can never resist jumping in it.  *as seen here*

True Story:
 At play group today, one of the moms went off to breast feed her daughter.  
Her 20 month old daughter.  
To me, it felt a little old to still be breastfeeding with such regularity. 
Thoughts?  When is a child too old to breastfeed to in your opinion? 

Who Will You Be?

Scarf – street stand; Jacket – H&M; Top – Ruche; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Feet First; Necklace – from Mom.

This morning I headed out to TA an acting class in Toronto.  I’m helping out with a kids class, but it’s nevertheless a great opportunity to see some young talent and get to know exactly what I’m doing.  I’m hoping that next time around I’ll have an adult class to TA so that I can see the grown-ups in action.  But right now the kids are great and it’s giving me some experience in running the equipment.

Watching these guys do their stuff makes me wonder what kind of girl my little one will become.  Will she be the shy one in class?  Or the loud and talkative one?  I wonder.  From what I can tell so far, she’ll be the squirmy one…and the troublemaker.

Quote of Today:
“I was gonna do this thing where I land, but I didn’t.”

Fall Regardless Of The Weather

Jacket – ?; Dress & Belt – Threadsence; Scarf – street stand; Socks – F21; Boots – Feet First.

Hey beautiful people!  How are you all today?  I’m having a good day so far.  I’m actually excited about a little something I’m doing.  I’m going to be a TA for an acting studio here in Toronto.  I think it’ll be fun to help out in the classes.  It’s a great way to get to know the people there, get to know the school and also just to do something different for a while.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.  And of course, I’ll let you in on all the details.

Anyway, I really wanted to wear a great fall outfit today, but the weather just would not oblige. It was really warm out, but I decided to go ahead regardless.  I did however, take off the jacket – that was just too much!

Quote of Today:
“Some new people do crazy things!”

On Sunday…

Jacket – Old Navy; Dress – H&M; Belt – Threadsence; Shoes – Payless.

…I went to a friend’s house to play the Battlestar Galactica Board Game *with both expansions* and it was awesome!  what was great was that everyone around the table, six people in total, could reference esoteric things of the show and everyone else knew what they were talking about.   Sometimes I can’t believe how much of a nerd I am! C’est la vie.

Then last night Husband and I got to go out together after the sun went down.  That has not happened in 14 months!  *the exception being our anniversary weekend away*  We put Baby to bed, and left for tea and dessert, leaving her in the capable hands of Uncle Rob.  Really, since Baby was in bed all he had to do was play video games, but still.  It was nice.  We weren’t out too long since both of us are really pooped, but regardless it felt good to get out for a bit.

And while we were out, I managed to grab the Vogue September issue!  I look forward to this issue all summer and I’ve been keeping my eye out for it.  Last night I saw it was on news stands so I snagged it!  I’m really looking forward to perusing it and getting a lot of inspiration. 

True Story:
*sometimes a picture is all you need*


Happy Monday Pickle!

Bag – thrifted; Top – The Bay; Jeans – Gap; Leather Jacket – ?; Shoes – Payless.

Happy Monday to everyone!  I know it’s the start of a new work week and most people hate that, but I like to think of it as a fresh start.  It’s a new week, anything’s possible.  I’m hoping to get a haircut this week – trying to book an appt with the fabulous Tanya!  There’s other things too.  I don’t want you to think that haircuts are the be all and end off of my week; it’s just what I thought of as I looked over these pics. 

I’m actually in a fashion pickle these days.  I don’t have a clear sense of self right now *too tired maybe?* and so I’m feeling like alllll my clothes just aren’t me.  So everything I wear feels off somehow.  Do you ever get that?   It’s a very weird feeling. Not bad.  Not good. Just weird.  So I’m navigating this highway right now, and in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the cookies Husband baked this morning.  *I know, right?*

True Story:
Baby walks over to pick up her favorite book, “The Paper Bag Princess,”  brings it over and plunks it down on Husband’s lap.  Then proceeds to struggle to get on to the couch and having managed that she settles in next to Husband and looks at him expectantly.  So, he has to read it. 

When You Fall…

Jacket – Old Navy; Shirt – swapped; Belt – ?; Skirt – ?; Shoes – Aldo

I was trying something new with my camera and it kind of failed.  But oh well.  If you don’t try, you never learned.  So I messed with these shots as much as I could to stylize them a little.  I promise better ones are on the way!

This is the outfit I wore yesterday to the last day of the music video shoot.  But I forgot to take shots yesterday, so I quickly jumped into it today to snap some pics.  And of course, today’s outfit is on the way.

So, I got yet another email saying that it was between me and another woman for a role and they went with the other woman.  Bummer.

Guess I got to pick myself up and get back on those horses.

Husband Always Gets My Best Side

Jacket – Jacob; Dress – Esprit; Belt – Hadley Pollett; Tights – gift; Wellies – Petite Pied; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat.

As you know Husband takes my photos when he’s home – otherwise it’s me and the tripod.  But whenever he shoots he always nabs shots of me making the silliest faces.  Usually I choose not to use them, but sometimes I just have to! 

It seems like my most used accessories for the spring are an umbrella and wellies!  And yesterday was no exception.  I’m becoming a pro at styling for the rain…maybe not.  Do you know what I’m loving though?  Soft, pastel *gasp* shades for nail polish like the pale green I’m wearing in the pics.  I’m eager to get a baby blue as well.  Any recommendations? 

Dress 84: Seeing Spots

Jacket – ?; Sweater – thrfited; Dress – F21; Tights – from Poland; Boots – Aldo

I think this dress has to go.  I love it, it’s just waaay too short for me.  I guess I’ve grown since I wore it?  I really don’t remember the last time I wore it, so maybe?  I find that hard to believe, but it really is much too short to wear, even with tights.  So I think I”m going to store it for now.

On another note, Husband told me in my other post that I may offend some women because I group myself in the “rest of us” category even though I’m very slim.  And I feel he’s misreading what I wrote.  I’m not claiming that I’m not slim, just that I do have curves.  I’m not a stick straight, boyish shaped woman – that’s not my body type. I have hips, and just a bit more so since having Baby; so yes, despite being slim, I still have hip confidence issues. 

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