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Lil S@*t

Sweater – hand me down  //  Belt – F21  //  Skirt – ModCloth  //  Boots – Feet First
It’s starting to be that time of the year.  The one where in the pictures it’s sunny and gorgeous, but the reality is that I rush outside, set up the photo, whip off my coat and pretend to feel just splendid for outfit photos while I shake and freeze.  All with the neighbors watching and heckling. 

Yes heckling.
Can’t it be spring already? 

True Story:
Drake the dog jumped up and stole a piece of toast left on the ottoman.
I immediately responded, by saying, “Oh you little S@*t!”
From the kitchen I hear a little Baby Girl voice say, “Lil s@*t!”
Guess I really need to watch my mouth.

Stinky Smelly

Shirt – Lucca Couture
Jacket – F21
Necklace – Lustre in Montreal
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Threadsence
Bad Smells. You know you love ’em.  I ride my bike through this one path right near the slaughterhouses, and the smell is well, I’m sure I don’t need to describe it for you.  Then we’re out for a walk around the pond and there’s this one tiny spot where it smells like sweaty feet, poo, and old food all at the same time.
So of course, I stop right there to take some outfit pictures.
True Story:
 Andrew and I are fast asleep. 
We suddenly hear Baby Girl rustling about in her crib.  
She suddenly says, “I got it.  I got it. I GOT IT!”
She’s fast asleep.  Talking.

Feeling It

Dress – MANGO
Jacket – old with no tag
Boots – Aldo
Sunnies – F21
Eagle Ring – Lulus
Bicycle Ring – Spotted Moth
Necklace – boutique in Montreal
Tights – H&M

Style and fashion is all about how you feel, and your attitude.  It doesn’t matter how gorgeous the clothing or how expensive the accessories.  It’s all in the swagger and the way you carry yourself.  That’s why when looking at these pictures I can’t convey to you that even though this outfit is so fun, exactly what I wanted, and I like it in the pictures, I didn’t like it in person.  That day I was missing the swagger.  The ‘tude eluded me and left me wanting.

That day, I feel the clothes were wearing me.  That’s my fault, not the clothes. My mistake was that I didn’t listen to my feelings and instead went with what I had decided in my head.  I wanted to wear the dress, which I love, but I was stubborn and didn’t pay attention to my gut.

Fashion is feeling.

Quote of Today:
“She’s yelling at Dora.”

Random Sundays: The Best Part…

…of being freelance is that these are our weekdays.

Top – gift

Nowhere Near Spartacus

Dress – Numph via Bloom
Jacket – Gap
Shoes – Payless
Belt – H&M
Necklace & Sunnies – F21

Some days I feel just so uninspired when it comes to getting dressed.  Today was one of those days.  Seriously, if you were in my bedroom with me *although why would you be?!?* you’d have heard lots of groans, and sighs, and “ughs” and had lots of belts, necklaces and several dresses tossed in your direction.  Now, I realize that this could sound like the opening lines of a Spartacus Roman scene *you know what I’m talkin’ about…wink wink* but trust me when I say that it was nowhere near as sexy, definitely not as well lit, but probably in a similar state of undress.
Quote of Today:
“I thought it was her because all I saw was a butt, and you two have very similar butts.”

Contestant on ANTM

Cardi – Yumi
Top – Anthropologie
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Threadsence
Earrings – c/o This Enchanted Pixie
Necklace – F21
Ring – Ruche

I finally got my hair cut.  And I hate it.  I asked for one thing and got a totally different thing.  It looks fine when it’s all curled and such, but when it’s straight it’s exactly what I didn’t want.  Yes, I shed some tears.  No, I’m not going back to get it fixed because I would need to lose about five inches to get what I want, and I’m not willing to do that.  
Now, I realize that there are bigger things in the world like people dying, children starving,  and I’m in no way saying that my terrible haircut holds a candle to that. I have perspective.  All I’m saying is   I’m upset that I asked for one thing, and instead have what she thought I should have.  And it sucks.  It really sucks. 
I feel like that contestant on America’s Next Top Model.  You know the one I’m talking about.
This whole post was brought to you by one pouting woman who assumes that you care about my hair, which you probably don’t, and that’s okay. 

Too Legit To Quit!

Earrings, Necklace & Pants – F21
Rings – Threadsence and Ruche
T-shirt – Lucca Couture
My new obsession is Palazzo pants.  I mean how awesome are they?!  Loose, free flowing and totally comfy pants.  It’s like suddenly being allowed to wear sweatpants in public! 
The best part was that for biking I had to tie my polka dot shoe ties around my ankles so as to not get the pants caught in the spokes and it totally made me look like M.C. Hammer in U Can’t Touch This!  I’d like to think I’m just as cool and just as well accessorized. I’ve never met James Brown though.

p.s.  they are the best PMS pants ever.  Loose with an elasticized waist for those days that you suddenly feel like you’re larger than the entire Atlantic and Pacific oceans combined.  

p.p.s. Did I mention the elasticized waist? 

I’m Not Here

Necklace & Sunnies – F21
Dress – from Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat

This week I’m away in B.C. for my friend Emily’s wedding.  I’m taking pictures and making more CoffeeTalk vids and I’ll share all that with you when I return *I’m working on the assumption that you guys enjoy that sort of stuff. If you don’t, well…sorry I got nothing*  
The magic of pictures and falling way behind on outfit posts due to giveaways and the two linkys that I’ve ever done (please see below) is that I get to share these nuggets with you while I’m still away!  Neat huh?  Okay, maybe not that neat. 
Maybe I’m just easily amused.

True Story:
Seeing Baby Girl’s little bum wiggle as she runs for the pool and the ruffles on her bathing suit sway in time is perhaps the cutest thing I’ve seen all month.

*Re: Linkys – this will not be a common thing – so please don’t expect it – tomorrow is a linky that will run once every two months and that’s the only one I plan to do. Sorry, but linkys on ModaMama is not what I’m about.  It’s nothing personal against those who run them.  I enjoy them on other blogs.  It just doesn’t ring true to me.  Thank you for your understanding.*

What I Share With You

Hat – Zellers
Shirt – ?
Shorts – Gap
Shoes – Lulus

Through a recent comment, I had a great conversation with a reader named Dawn about some issues she brought up in her post, and issues I brought up in my first post.  We were discussing the issue of privacy and our choices regarding that. Namely, posting our child’s pictures on the net and sharing intimate details of our lives. I don’t post full face shots of my girl.  It’s my choice to maintain a level of her privacy. *Please don’t assume that this in any way takes away or belittles your choice to post your child’s pictures*

Dawn also brought up the issue of whether you can have a real connection if you don’t share everything.  I responded with this:

 “I try to be as open
as I feel comfortable – which isn’t everything – while guarding her
privacy.  Also, you can still make connections.  I don’t tell the friend
I have coffee with everything about my life, but that doesn’t mean the
connection is any less genuine.  I don’t tell co-workers everything and
again, they are real connections.  So no, I don’t think you have to
share everything to have a connection as long as you’re genuine in what
you do share.

I just wanted to bring you in on this conversation and say that while you may not know the intimate details of my life, what I do say to you and what I do share is 100% me and sincere.

That’s the best I can offer.  Hopefully, that’s enough.

Seeing A Lot Of Blue

Cardi – Old Navy
Tee – Gap
Belt & Socks – F21
Skirt – Uncle Phuncle c/o Emerging Thoughts
Boots – Feet First
I wore this a few days ago, but forgot to post it.  Then I had so many other things that it got shuffled around. But finally, eventually, if only several days late here it is.  Love this skirt – simple, elegant yet completely feminine!   I’m a huge fan of a simple gray and blue palette.  There’s something soothing, and so put together about it.  I’m a huge fan of blue in general however.  I think it has moved up the list over pink and purple to become my new favorite color.  A clear, bright, bold blue is so joyous to me, so clean and so chic.  Yup, you’re definitely going to be seeing blue here for a while to come.  
Quote of Today:
“You’re tipsy.  I might actually win!!”
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