The Things I Love

Here are the things I love in pictures:

The World is Burning

The world is burning. And a huge part of me says let it burn.

A Morning Walk with a Crochet Dress

Sunset walks are killer.

Parenting Sucks

Okay, slightly exaggerating here, but not by much. Not today.

Internal Conflict

“No one in the world can change Truth.

Biggest Little Farm

A few people told me to watch it. They said I would enjoy it.

A Day Like This

A day spent in various lines getting necessary errands.


Yesterday was the first time I went into my garden since learning about edible weeds, and the local flora.


And just like that…

Bad Days

Here’s the thing about chronic illness/pain: those who have it look fine, act fine, and get really good at showing a smile.


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