Down In The Mud

Aren’t we goohgeous, dahling?

Sorry no dress for you today.  I was up in the night with Baby for about two hours in total.  Most I could manage todayw as a shower.  But I do have these lovelies to show you instead.  Husband and I did face masks and decided to take pics to show you all how absolutely fabulous we look with them on. 

I’ve got a Kiehl’s mud mask and he’s got on a sensitive skin mask…my delicate flower.

Dress 37: Tight Budget My A@$

Shirt – AE; Belt – AE; Dress – H&M; Leggings – F21; Socks – Hue; Boots – somewhere in NYC
Leather Jacket – F21; Sweater – TNA

I have several of these knited dresses (here and here).  They’re very versatile and comfortable.  And they can be styled in so many different ways.  Oh and the best thing?  They were only $12 each when I bought them!  Now that’s a budget.  I saw a blog the other day where the woman said her mission was to be stylish on a tight budget.  After reading further ,I discovered that her “tight budget” was $250/month.  Now to me that’s not a tight budget, that’s extravagant luxury.  I know I spend a looooot less!

But back to the dress…

I wanted to be casual and comfortable to go to circle time with Baby (that’s where we sing songs, etc).  And I also didn’t want to do my hair.  So there you have it, the motivation behind this outfit was laziness!  So the final verdict is a forgone conclusion…trash, stash, or save?  For $12 each these dresses are a definite save!

True Story:  Baby stood up in her crib for the first time, and wrinkled her nose at me in pride.

Dress 36: I’m Full Of It…

Boots – Threadsence
Cardigan – Esprit; Dress – F21; Belt – thrifted; Tights – Hue
…Errands that is.  
What did you think I was full off? 
Don’t answer that.  

I spent my morning running, then I spent the afternoon running errands.  But it’s good.  I got a lot of things I needed, now I actually have to do the stuff here at home. *sigh*  Anyone want to vaccum for me? *sound of crickets*  I guess not. 

Today’s outfit was one thrown together for this day of errands.  And remember how I said that if you’re a mother you shouldn’t get too attached?  Well I did get attached.  And two hours later I have baby spit-up on the dress, under the dress, and under the bra.  Yeah, I should really learn to take my own advice.  Now I need to change, but I don’t want to.  Opinions?  Should I change?  Or just pretend it’s not there?  Oh and trash, stash, or save?

True Story: I returned a bag of nuts today.  
Don’t laugh.  
They tasted weird.  
Weird, I tell you!

Dress 35: Hidden Little Gem

Earrings – F21; Necklace – Ruche; Scarf – H&M; Dress – Threadsence; Leggings – F21; Boots – F21

This is a dress I wore a little bit ago but never had a chance to post.  So this little gem has been hiding on my desktop, but I’m posting it now.  I love the embroidered detail of the back, but Husband tells me it washes me out a bit, so I need to wear a colorful scarf around my face to prevent that.  What’s your vote?  Trash, stash or save?

Sorry for the short post, but I was up today at 4am. *I can hear you saying, “WHAT?!?!”*  I know!  That’s what I said!

True Story:  Baby does the cutest nose scrunch and smile thing-y lately.  It’s killer!

Dress 34:There’s Got To Be More

Shirt – H&M; Dress – Mendocino; Leggings – F21; Boots – Feet First

So this is how I’m seeing the world today:  a little blown out, a little too bright and a little black and white.  I’m not feeling the world today.  In fact, I’m pretty checked out today.  Today’s one of those days that I’m just not a fan of life or something like it.  I’m wondering, “Isn’t there more?”  So, yeah I’m probably not very good company.  But guess what?  That doesn’t matter because as we all know the world does not revolve around us.  So I’m at work, on tv, trying to find the best things I can about today and trying like heck to entertain you. 

Since I’m feeling weird I thought this weird combo might work.  Not sure that it does.  What do you think?  And the dress I really like, I’ve had it for years, so I’m thinking “Save” on this one.  Am I right?

True Story: Best part of my day has been the large snitzel, avocado, tomatoe sandwich I brought with me to work.  I’m so exciting!

Random Sundays: Getting a Little Side-Tracked is Good For the Soul

Hey guys, I know I usually have a hodge-podge assortment of photos for you on Random Sundays, but today I got totally side-tracked (in a good sort of way) and didn’t take any photos except for this one.  Husband, Baby, Drake the Dog, and I went to visit my Mom and Babcia.  And we ate too much good food, played cards, and I sorted through about thiiiiiiis many *see how much?* magazines to choose two more sweaters for my Babcia to make me.  All in all, I had a good day.  Hope you did too!

Goodnight! See y’all tomorrow!

Windy Wonderland

Drake the Dog was having a great time!
Jacket – don’t recall; Scarf – thrifted; Cardigan – H&M; Shirt – Smart Set; Jeans – Guess; Gloves – The Bay; Sunglasses – F21

Yesterday was a tease!  It was so warm outside and the sun had come out in all it’s glory.  True it was very windy but the temperature and sun more than made up for it.  Drake the Dog got to go to the park for the first time in months (it’s been too snowy and icy to tread there safely before). 

If this look is familiar it’s because I had been wearing my maxi dress in the post below, but Husband suggested changing out of it because of the mud and snow that was likely still on the ground.  Good call on his part!

The sad thing is that once the night came things changed dramatically.  The wind was gusting at over 100km/hour and there was a severe wind warning in effect.  I could actually feel my little narrow house moving in response to some of the more powerful gusts.  It was more than a little scary!  But it kind of got me thinking in an apocalyptic movie kind of way.  You know, if the world ended how would I survive?  What would I do?  I watch a lot of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic movies, so sometimes I have these thoughts. *Nerd!*

Dress 33: Showing Some Skin, Starting With My Face

I love that it’s finally warm enough to bring out the leather jacket.

Can’t get enough of the sunshine.
Jacket – don’t recall (no label); Dress – F21; Shirts – Smart Set; Boots – Aldo.

I don’t usually wear this dress.  It’s one of those that tends to sit around in my closet.  I love the embroidery detail, but I’m not too crazy about the full, flouncy and shimmery skirt on me.  But I kind of like pairing a very feminine dress/skirt/top with something very masculine, in this case the leather jacket and cowboy booties. What do you think?  Trash, stash, or save?  And if your answer is save, I’d love suggestions on how you would style it.  Thanks!  You guys rock!

Today is Friday…which really has no meaning for me since I work freelance as does Husband.  So days of the week are kind of devoid of the traditional meaning.  Usually though, weekends are busy as that’s when many conferences and indie film shoots happen.  But this weekend is surprisingly easy-breezy.  So perhaps, we’ll take advantage of the weather to go for nice walks with Baby and Drake the Dog.  I’m excited about the warmer weather.  I’m tired of the many layers and happy to show some skin to the sun!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m finding not shopping very hard to do.  When I was downtown yesterday it took all my effort to not go into my favorite stores.  I just couldn’t look at stuff and be tempted.  Right now my will is too weak for that.  I’m hoping that as things get easier, I’ll go in for inspiration. 

True Story:  I realized after taking these shots that I totally forgot to put on make-up.  Whatever, you guys get to see everything I guess.  And on that note, I need new mascara. Recommendations?

Dress 32: Another Whole Day To Myself!

A cup of coffee is needed!
Sweater – H&M; Dress – F21; Leggings – F21; Boots – in NYC

What I wore: The dress is more schoolgirl than I usually wear, but it’s fun to play up that side once in a while.  What do you think?  Trash, stash, or save? I’ve been finding your comments/emails very helpful, so please keep them coming!!

This morning I headed off to the dentist.  I know, fun right? But now my teeth feel all clean and shiny. 
See me smile?  
*sparkle, sparkle* 
One a side note, the vet says we should take Drake the Dog to a doggie dentist.  Anybody ever done that? 

Despite the dreary day I was in a good mood as I headed downtown to have a day to myself.  I didn’t do much: I looked into smartphone plans, etc.  And yes, I have settled on one, but I won’t tell you about it yeeeet.  You’ll just have to wait and see when I get it in a few weeks. 

While I was down there, I picked up Husband’s new phone….Drake the Dog chewed up the old one. 
That’s okay, it was ugly anyway. 
Good Boy!   
*the dog, not the husband*

I have hot friends!

I had lunch with two good friends.  We chatted about everything under the sun while we had some delicious fresh food!  I love time with my girls!

When I gave Husband his new phone, I got a big smooch in return. 
Yeah, that’s right! 
A biiiig smooch! 
And it’s not over yet; right now Husband is roasting me a chicken for dinner!  Yay! 
It’s easy to butter me up….I’m a sucker for a good meal.

Dress 31: Stepping Out Stepford

My photographer makes me laugh!

Dress – H&M; Cardigan – Esprit

Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Clarks

Hey all, hope your day has been as fun as mine.  I got a run in today and went to a really fun audition.  It’s for the lead and supporting role in an indie feature film (yes, I auditioned for both roles) and it was so much fun to go in an play.

But even better?  The weather was warm – and I use that term loosely.  It wasn’t shorts and t-shirt weather, but it was warm enough that I wore my tweed coat and no hat.  So that’s warm!

This dress is a cute little one from H&M that I picked up while pregnant for super cheap.  I couldn’t wear it then, but now I can!  Yay!  I’m liking it.  I think you’re going to see a lot more of it…once the challenge is done of course.  Trash, stash, or save?  I’m thinkin’ save! 

True Story:  Husband called this look “very Stepford.”  And I told him it was appropriate because I was auditioning to play a Stepford-esque psychopath.  He said, “Well, you look it.”  Now did he mean….Stepford or psychopath????

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