We Need Contact and Touch

“It was the longest she had gone without human contact; without the soft, conceding warmth of someone else’s skin. She began to crave it after a while, to obsess over the most trivial things. Like a hand on her shoulder or a king word from a stranger. How long, she wonders, before I forget how it feels to be wanted? How long until I lose all recollection of love?” – Lang Leav

The Madame

As part of an online discussion group about patterns, two ladies mentioned that they can’t wear animal print because it reminds them of a brothel Madame.

I Felt Betrayed by Spell: An Opinion Piece on The Break-up of a Sartorial Marriage

Let me tell you a story. It begins eight years ago, when stumbling across social media a woman sees beautiful prints and sweeping fabrics. That woman is me. She falls in love. Further, she discovers that the brand is based in Australia – a land which she has long romanticized and longed to visit. The brand exudes her love of whimsy, bohemian style, and swirls of fabric. The clothes are more than her and her young family can afford, but slowly over the years with savings she builds herself a wardrobe full of lovely pieces. She is loyal and devoted. Over the last two years, she sees the prices inflate. She reads more and more complaints about quality. She reads more and more complaints about terrible customer service (posts that get removed after a day). But like the girl who just doesn’t believe it when her friends tell her they saw her husband kissing another woman, she dismisses it.

The Appearance of Happiness is Dangerous

“Yet in always trying to appear happy, perfect, even inspiring and certainly enviable, we often neglect the very parts of ourselves that bring us true happiness, joy, connection, love, and pleasure. We become afraid of our true selves, of expressing who we really are, with all our flaws and imperfections. We begin to cover ourselves up, to clothe ourselves in words and images that mask the emotions and even the joys that define our hearts and minds and souls because they seem to intimate, and this intimacy seems inappropriate.” The Happiness Effect, Donna Freitas

Constructed Self

I’ve been struggling lately especially in the wake of covid and losing all my work.

A Plague of Mediocrity

“With all the likes and retweets and the compliments that nobody means. It’s a world of contentment. A world of mediocrity. A world of average people who think they’re excellent.” Elan Gale

A Little Bit of Appreciation

There’s this great community on Facebook of fans of vintage and certain brands that buy items from each other, and swap items from each other.

Heat! Give Me Some Heat!

It’s summer and sweltering hot.

Butt Masks?!

Speaking of, speaking of how hard it is to be a woman, I just saw an ad for a butt mask. No f**king joke.

A Premonition

“There are some people who you look at, and you can just tell how their story will end.


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