Dress 44: Frankly Frumpy

Shirt – Smart Set; Dress – Numph; Leggings – F21

I wore this dress yesterday to bum around with my family and frankly, I don’t think it’s workin’ for me. The intricate embroidery on the back attracted me to this a few years back, but I think the large side pockets just make it, and me, look frumpy.  Since, Numph is a great indie label, I think I’m going to store this one in case I ever change my mind…or my daughter wants it. 

Baby has been whiny all day, and I really don’t feel like being a parent right now.  So, I’m going to have some chocolate, ignore her, and let Husband take this one.  I need a spa!!!

Random Sundays: Skinny Little Shrimp

I didn’t post yesterday, as you know.  Sorry.  The day was cold, rainy, dreary and I got to my breaking point.  I hit critical mass.  I spent much of the day crying.  Just exhausted, as most moms know.  We all have those days.  So I thought it was better I didn’t post.  I would have had nothing nice to say.  Today, I’m better.  Nothing is different, just not crying all day.  Always good.  So I figured I should check in. 

And to brighten all our days, here’s Drake the Dog before I got my hands on him…


And here’s what he looks like after…


I forget how tiny and skinny he is.  He gets all puffed up in the winter with the fur, and we think he’s so sturdy.  Then I shave him and we realize that no, he’s still a skinny, little shrimp! 

True Story:  All Baby wants to do is stand!  Non-stop.  All day long.  Everywhere.  Doesn’t matter how many bruises she gets.  Allllll day.  Tiring but hilarious!  And tonight she stood up and started dancing to the music (really just bouncing, but still to the music).  Sooo cute, if I do say so myself.  And I did.  To myself.  Several times. 

Dress 43: The Big Question…I Need Your Help!

Jacket – Jacob; Shirt – F21; Dress – H&M; Tights – Hue; Loafers – AE

No you’re not having deja vu, you’ve seen a similar dress before here.  But I told you then that I loved this dress so much I bought it in two colors.  So here’s the second color.  I am absolutely bonkers about the brown and gray combo.  There’s something refined, but oh so easy about it that I can’t resist.  Trash, stash, or save?  I’m thinking since I loved it enough to buy two of them, that it’s a save.  That one was easy right?

But on to more important things…

Here’s what I need your help with right now.  It’s super important…yes, more important than the people starving in the Sudan.  Okay, maybe not more important but a close second.  *yes, I’m being cheeky*  Should I keep my bangs, or grow them out?

The shot on the left is a much older pic, but it give you an idea.

Husband and another person have told me to grow them out.  Husband specifically liked me more without bangs.  Another person said she liked me more with bangs.  So I’m confused.  I need help deciding and I’d appreciate some honest, non-biased opinions.  Thanks so much!

Dress 42: Sm-Attention

My dress swiiiirls!

Cardi – H&M; Dress – Zara; Tights – Hue;Boots – somewhere in NYC.

This dress was a sale purchase at Zara a while ago.  It’s a statement dress, but I’m really liking it.  I didn’t used to wear it much because I thought the pattern a little too loud for me and I didn’t fancy the attention.  But now I’m a little more nonchalant about it.  I figure, “I like it, so I’ll wear it.  Attention, sm-attention.” Trash, stash, or save?  One friend told me today that this dress is a ‘save.”  I think I’ll take her advice.

True Story:  Baby and another baby boy sat next to one another and stared at each other completely fascinated.  Then they both reach for different toys, but in such a way that it looked like they were about to kiss.  They were both surprised so they stopped moving and looked at each other – heads tilted just so.  It looked like a moment out of a movie where the two people lean in to kiss but aren’t sure whether they will.  Hilarious!  And of course, us Moms were laughing and silly about it.  In the end they didn’t kiss…good thing.  She’s a little young for that don’t you think?  Don’t go gettin’ any ideas, Missy! 

Dress 41: Puttering About The House

Sweater – Gap; Shirt -thrifted; Dress – Old Navy; Leggings – F21

how do you wear a tube dress when it’s -12 outside?  Put a t-shirt under it, and a cardi over it.  Plus, I didn’t have to think too hard since I was hanging out with Baby all day today; Husband’s at work.  We’re not independently wealthy yet, you know. So this is the outfit/dress I choose to spend the day puttering around the house in.  So?  Trash, stash, or save?  I’m not sure where I stand on this one.  So I need your help.  Am I too old for a flowery tube dress????  Seriously.

And, I’ll share a secret with you. *though you can probably tell* Ready?  I’m not wearing make-up.  Nope.  None at all.  Couldn’t be bothered.
True Story: I’m afraid that Baby’s security blanket will turn out to be my fuzzy fleece PJs.  She loves them!  She nuzzles right in sucking her thumb.  *sigh* There she goes stealing my clothes already.

Dress 40: Eat, Drink, And Be Merry For Tomorrow The Dress Dies

Sweater – made by Babcia; Dress – Pink Martini; Belt – AE; Leggings – F21; Boots – Feet First

It’s the first of March!   Spring is literally just around the corner.  And I can not wait! The sun is out and I wanted to wear something light and bright.

You can’t see the detail on this little number as it’s covered by the sweater *I really must remember to take better detail shots* but it’s got little buttons and embroidery on it. It’s a soft jersey knit dress and I consider myself brave to wear it when I’m around Baby all day.  I’m a little nervous that by the end of the day it will be stained, but I live life on the edge.  And you know, we can’t be afraid to wear the clothes we really like just because we’re afraid they’ll get dirty or ruined.  Under that logic, our favorite pieces will stay in the closet unworn. That’s no way to dress.  That’s no way to live either.

I know.
I’m deep.
hee, hee…

Trash, stash, or save? I think I’m voting ‘save’ and I’ll just keep wearing it bravely until the day that it dies a noble death.

True Story:  Baby fought her way over obstacles and across the whole bed just so she could cuddle with my PJs and suck her thumb.  Awwww….

Posthuman On The Couch

Olivia hanging out on the couch.

Yesterday I was on the air in the lovely outfit you can see in the previous post.  And I hung out with Olivia.  We always have a blast together being silly girls.  And yesterday was no exception.  But I’m writing right now to give you all something else to look at.  So you see I’m a Tv host, and an actor, and recently I’ve joined a fabulous web series called Posthuman.  I haven’t had anything for you to see since joining, and technically I still don’t (hint, hint), but if you go to the site you can watch two episodes.  You’ll notice me in them if you listen really well, and soon you’ll see me playing a wicked, awesome role!

Dress 39: Lose Yourself In Girly Stuff

Dress without the sweater…yes it’s cold.

Sweater – Esprit; Dress – Ruche; Leggings and Boots – F21

Monday!  Yes, I know most people don’t like Mondays.  But I do, and here’s why:  it’s the day I go to work.  Yes, I know that’s why most people don’t like Mondays.  But see, I’m on maternity leave and spend most of my time with Baby; so this is my day to get out and be me.  Plus, I really like my job.  So, yeah I get excited to go to work.

I’m sitting here at work, on a break and writing this as we speak.  I’m joined tonight by the lovely Olivia and we’re being silly together.  We’re talking about haircuts, and dresses and shopping like it’s the conflict in Libya – we’re such girls!  I know.  But sometimes we all need to be silly.

But one thing we were discussing was how much this blog has helped me as a new Mom.  Instead of getting lost in Baby and resorting to sweatpants and hoodies, I’m forced by you lovely folks to get dressed and at least make an attempt at looking good.  It gets me outside of feeling like a piece of milk meat revolving around Baby, and gets me feeling like a woman.  It’s hard not to lose yourself after a Baby, but I think it’s important to be selfish sometimes and think about what makes you feel like you.  I know I’m a much better mother for it. I’m a better wife for it.  And I’m a better me for it.

Random Sundays: Snow, Shoots, and Spoiling.

Drake the Dog and Husband playing in the snow.

Drake the Dog loves fresh snow…it’s like his personal caffiene!

This morning I woke up to another winter wonderland.  Now, a few months ago (say December) this would be lovely.  But we’ve had soooo much winter that this morning it was….ugh, not again! But I’m cheered by the fact that it’s almost March and spring really is just around the corner…as are spring fashions!!

And guess what guys?  I got some clothes and a pair of shoes today.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “You said you wouldn’t shop.”  But I didn’t.  I swear.  I went shopping with my Mama *she needed some retail therapy* and she treated me to a few things.  Husband smirked and called me spoiled, but you know what?  Sometimes our Mamas just gotta spoil us right?  Sometimes we need it a little.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

On my way to the photoshoot.

This evening I went to a fun, guerilla style photoshoot.  We shot in the parking lot of a mall, turned some eyes, and hopefully got some phenomenal shots.  I’m excited about seeing the finished product, as the photographer, Joshua, is mucho talented.  Ill keep you posted and show you some shots as soon as I can!

Dress 38: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Sweater – H&M; Dress – F21: Leggings – F21

Baby’s two front teeth are coming in, yes at the same time.  What does that mean?  It means we’re up in the night for hoursHours, I tell you! She’s in pain, so she’s up and cranky and wants to be cuddled.  But the bright side?  They’re both coming in at once, so at least we don’t have to go through it twice.  Yes I know there are plenty more teeth but we’re talking about these two right now.  I’m pretending selective amnesia and denying that any more teeth will come in.

So the motivation behind todays outfit?  Denial. I’m wiped, so I’m wearing a fun, happy dress to trick myself.  Fake it, ’til you make it.  And you know what?  It  works.  Not hugely, I’m not jumping for joy or anything, but I’m feeling a little less grumpy. So, yeah, it’s brightened my mood.  And that’s what I love about clothes.  They can make us feel things that we didn’t necessarily think we could that day. 

True Story:  I just finished season 5 of How I Met Your Mother…I love Barney!  I want to go drinking with that guy!


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