Dress 30: The Grannies

Dress – F21; Cardigan – H&M

I know it’s not the greatest of shots, but well it’s been a hectic kind of a day.  So I gosh, darn, done the best I could.  This is a cute black and gray dress that makes me feel kind of retro, and I truly think this is one of those that looks a lot better styled in the spring/summer.  So perhaps, I’m going to file it under “seasonal.”  What do you think?  Trash, stash, or save?

Happening:  Last night, while hosting, I called the “Grammys” the “Grannies” on live tv.  True story.

Tempestuously Foul

Must say, I’m in love with this cardigan!
Husband makes fun of my sticky-out ears…but I know he secretly loves them!

Love the etched detailing on the belt.
Cardigan – Anthropologie; Shirt – Smart Set; Belt – AE; Jeans – Guess; Earrings – Indie store in Santorini.

I was in a foul mood when I got dressed yesterday.  Why?  Because I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes I try to psyche myself out by pretending I like it, hoping that fiction will become fact, but I really don’t.  I disagree with the manufactured romance…like you have to show your love just once a year.  I think Valentine’s should be at least once a week, you know?  If you love someone show them more than once a year on a forced holiday.  That’s my rant.  It’s over.

But that’s also why I’m not wearing a dress.  If I’m in a bad mood, I gaurantee that I’ll put on pants.  I can’t deal with wearing a skirt or dress; I don’t know why.  But that’s not to say that if I’m wearing pants, I’m in a bad mood.  Make sense? 

Once I got to work and had chocolate, Olivia (the lovely camera person) and I got silly.  We were giggling non-stop and watching bad-for-you tv, and eating chocolate…well at least I was.  So if you watched last night, you saw me being silly on live-tv.  Yeah, that’s how I get sometimes. 

Oh, and I treated myself to a cab home because it was soooo cold too!  So I got home lickety-split and tucked myself into bed.  This morning I’ve started off in a considerably better mood.  Yay!  I’ll hopefully have a dress for you soon!

How I Spent My Valentine’s Day.

Husband made paella.

Last night was our Valentine’s celebration.  Some people get a day, some get an evening, as new parents we got two hours…after Baby went to sleep.  Husband cooked paella, possibly my favorite dish ever, and dessert was pie and white wine!

Smartphone…get it?

Then, knowing how much I want to get a smartphone, Husband got me this for V-Day. Yeah.  Punk.

How are you celebrating?

Random Sundays: Decidely Domestic.

I’m telling you, Drake the Dog is such a media hog!

Sweater – H&M; Top – Vintage Havana; Tank – Smart Set; Leggings – Moto; Boots – Feet First

Last night I got to see some wonderful women.  And I realized that everyone was looking really cute.  Let me take you round the group:

A cute plaid dress with two little pleats in the back, a lavender wrap top tied in a sweet bow in back, a chic black and white abstract print dress, a hot pink off the shoulder jumper, skinny jeans with a circle chain, and a black mini with a cream off the shoulder top.  I’m tellin’ you I have some stylish friends!

Today was a really drab, damp, and grey day.  But I started off on a great high with two fabulous meetings back to back.  Nothing better than getting creative energy going early in the morning! the rest of the day calmed down into a decidedly domestic day.

Yup, it’s diaper laundry day at my house…fun.

But afterwards I was a little too drained from my lack of sleep to continue on the high.  So I crashed and took a really long hot shower.  I was going to run, but you know, when I don’t feel like it I don’t.  No biggie.

Baby’s asleep now, and it’s time to enjoy my Valentine’s Day dinner.  Good love all!  See y’all tomorrow!

Dress 29: Busy Day Today…

Shirt – Smart Set; Dress – HUH; Leggings – F21

This is one of my favorites dresses.  It’s form a local Toronto designer and I absolutely love how simple and cute it is!  This is definitely a save!

Busy day today for me….two auditions, take care of Baby until her nap, then an Insanity workout, now I’m going to a Valentine’s Day shindig.  SUPER MOM!!

Random Happening: Drake the Dog jumped into our bed at 2am in the morning.  Now, he’s not allowed to sleep with us, but the poor boy has been freezing in our cold house lately…I pretended I didn’t seel him.  Even though he was tucked in against me.

Dress 28: The Sweater’s From Spain, The Dress Is From Portugal, And I’m Freezing My Butt Off In Toronto

Sweater – Stradivarius (in Bilbao, Spain); Dress – bought in Lagos, Portugal; Tights – hue; Boots – Feet First.

Okay, so this dress for some reason makes me feel very ’50s.   I feel I should be cooking while wearing pearls.  Except for the fact that I don’t cook, and I’m not wearing pearls around Baby. I think it’s the pouffy skirt that gives me that feeling.  So trash, stash, or save?

Today, Baby and I crashed a storytime meeting…we were late too because we first went to the wrong place.  As you can tell I’m not good at this ‘crashing’ thing.  But then we and the ladies went for another coffee and chatted some more.  I’m really enjoying hanging out with not only women who are going through the exact same thing I am at the same time, but more importantly, women who I get along with and like.  I find as I get older I suffer fools less and less; so when I don’t enjoy associating with someone I don’t.  It’s nice to find a group of women I like spending time with.  Because goodness knows, as new moms we all need the support!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is just two days away???  When did that happen??

Random Happening:  Baby decided to put her head in her bathtub face first…*cue Baby crying/screaming*…yeah, not a good idea kid.

Dress 27: Don’t Let The Sunshine In These Photos Fool You

I managed to wear a neckalce around Baby for a total of three hours!!
Cardigan – H&M; Shirt – Smart Set; Dress – Esprit; Leggings – F21; Socks – MacGregor; Boots – somewhere in NYC; Necklace – from the Dominican Republic.

First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me or commented with their suggestions on how to resist temptation.  You’ve all certainly given me quite a few great ideas.  Hopefully, they’ll get me through the next 322 days.

Second, I’ve styled this dress before but what I like about it is that it’s so easy to style in a variety of different ways.  I think a good denim dress is one of those staples of a wardrobe, you know?  So trash, stash, or save?  I’m thinkin’ save.  You?

And I know you’ve all seen these boots for the past few days, but let me explain something.  It’s winter in Toronto, after a big snowstorm and it’s -23 outside.  This means that there are dangerous patches of ice on the sidewalk (means no heels), lots of slush from the salt (means no suede/fabric), and of course the aforementioned salt (means leave your favorite shoes at home if you want them to last more than a couple of months).  So, I’ve been wearing my cheapy boots.  And yes, I could wear cheapy shoes, but did I mention that it’s -23 outside?  Every bit of extra coverage helps!

Random Happening: Husband was convinced that Baby said his name today…it eas really just coincidental babbling…ssshh, don’t tell him that.

Dress 26: The Underappreciated Art of Layering

Cardigan – Esprit; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Boots – somewhere in NYC

When you live in Canada, you have to learn to layer.  If you don’t, not only will you never be warm, but you’ll never be able to look cute.  This dress started off with sweater tights and a long sleeve brown shirt.  Add a dress, cardigan and boots and you’re set for winter.  After all these layers I managed to stay warm today! Have any tips on how to layer to stay warm and look cute? So what do you think?  Trash, stash, or save?
Oh, and I’m only one day into my “No Clothes” thing (see below post) and I’m already thinking, “What have I done?!?!?”  I saw a pair of really cute ballerina flats today for only $15.  It.  Took. All. My. Willpower. To. Walk. Away.   But walk away I did.  Not easy, but I’m thinking it’ll be well worth it.  I need your guys help.  How do you resist a tempting purchase? Tips?  Tricks?  
I did buy something though….gourmet tea and coffee for myself and Husband.  I’m thinking that doesn’t count. 

Random happening:  I ask Husband, “Can you get me a bib?”  He gets up, gets the bib, comes back, and oh so casually… puts it around my neck.  Punk.  Maybe I should have been more specific.

324 Days With No Clothes

My closet and a few of my acessories.

Ever feel really overwhelmed?  I mean really overwhelmed?  I am.  And I don’t think I’m the only one. In fact, I know I’m not…I’ve spoken to a few of you…you know who you are.  Anyway, today I opened my closet door and I was assailed by that feeling again.  Why?  ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of clothes.  I mean a whole lot.  Ask Husband.  Ask any of my friends.  I swear.   And I still shop.  Again, I’m not the only one here that does that.  Retail therapy is a cliche for a reason, am I right?

Don’t get the wrong idea here.  I’m good with money, I have plenty of savings, I’m not in credit card debt, I don’t spend above my capabilities, I can’t relate in any way to “Confessions of a Shopacholic”, and I’m certainly no candidate for any reality tv series.  It’s just way too much for me.  And I really don’t need any more.

Fashion is suppossed to be fun,and it usually is for me.  But like I said, today I was overwhelmed.  I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t face my clothes.  I didn’t want to get dressed.   And I didn’t.  I’m sitting here in sweatpants…sweatpants that should be reserved for the sole purpose of sweating – as in working out.

So, on the heels of a recent conversation I had with a friend about paring things down and getting down to the essentials I’m going to do something drastic, at least for me anyway.  I’m going to stop clothes shopping.  That’s right.  You heard it.  *Husband is probably thinking, “WHAT?!?!?!”* I need to simplify things.  I need to not get overwhelmed by my closet anymore.  So, yeah I’m going to do it.

Here are my rules:
1. Clothes includes accessories – bags, watches, earrings, shoes, etc.
2. Gift certificates that I still have can be used.
3. Anything I win (and that’s unlikely), like a credit or something, can be used.
4. If it’s an essential need – and here Husband gets the verdict – like underwear or socks that’s allowed. For example, running sneakers have to be bought this year.
5. I’m allowing myself a parole during Threadsence’s/Ruche’s winter and summer clearance sale to get no more than three things combined.
6. This is to last until my birthday week (December 29th, which also happens to be the last week of the year) – at which point, if I like I can go take advantage of boxing week sales and shop.
7.  Final rule:  I can break all the rules twice – as in two items.

Everyone’s doing a 30 for 30 days…I’m doing an *insert number of items I own here* for 324 days.  Who’s with me?

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs Pants

I love a bright colored eyeliner!

It’s snowing outside, and I’m really not impressed by February thus far.

Shirt – F21; Cardigan – H&M; Jeans – Mavi

Sorry guys, this was supposed to be published yesterday, but when I got home I had a pounding headache so I just couldn’t get around to it.  Hope you had a decent Monday!

Here goes…

Yeah, I know, I’m not wearing a dress.   But you know, sometimes you really just don’t feel like it.  There’s a certain association with dresses – feminity, being dressed up – a certain showmanship that goes along with it.  But today, I just didn’t want that.  I just wanted my old jeans and one of my favorite things – a cool band shirt.  So here it is folks.  Presenting Pink Floyd!

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