Zip-up – Walmart; Jeans – Guess; Socks – Calvin Klein.

I’m not one to whine and complain.  Sometimes things aren’t well.  Sometimes Baby won’t let you sleep and the whole day gets on your nerves.  I did get the garden done, or more like my Mama got it done for me and then told me all about it. Thank goodness for Mamas!  I’ll show you the pics tomorrow.  

Have a great Saturday night!

See y’all tomorrow!

Flowers And A Garden

Hat – Ruche; Dress – Spotted Moth; Belt – F21; Shoes – AE.

It’s finally beautiful outside and my pasty self is coming out to play!  But not too much – big hats and sunscreen in full effect here!  I’m loving hats lately and simply can’t get enough of big floppy ones, and fedoras!  You’ll see a lot of those this summer.  And on the agenda this weekend is my garden – so hopefully I’ll have some veggies and herbs to show you soon.  That’s if my black thumb doesn’t get in the way.

True Story:  Baby loves to play “I’m Gonna Get You!”  I say it to her and she runs *crawls* away as fast as she can screaming and giggling until I catch her and tickle her.   So cute it kills me!

May I Offer You Some Grass With Your Coffee?

That’s when i noticed I had baby food on my skirt.
Shirt – AE; Belt & Skirt – thrifted; Shoes – AE.

This skirt is too big for me, but I really like it, so I hitched it up and tightened a belt around it. Voila!  I made it fit.  I’m loving the whole Annie Hall/70’s vibe that’s trendy right now.  Loose clothing, longer skirts, big floppy hats.  I’m diggin’ it!

So while I was enjoying my coffee with a friend, Baby cleaned the entire cafe patio with her knees.  She got into every single thing and scrubbed that deck spotless with her wriggling around!  Oh, and grass is apparently a great appetizer.  I caught Baby eating it in the backyard just before I took her in to have dinner.  *sigh*

Let The Sun Shine In

Fedora – ?; Glasses – F21; Shirt – thrifted; Jeans – Guess; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

I spent most of the day outside with Baby today.  She loves the backyard, even though she’s very wary of the grass.  Other than that, it’s been an uneventful day.  Husband gets back tomorrow from his business trip and I’m looking forward to some help ’cause Baby has been giving me a run for my money in the nights.  I could use some sleep!

On another note, the music video shoot I was doing has been postponed on account of the fact that it’s thunderstorming tonight and tomorrow.  That means I have the day off – just an audition in the morning.  I hope I get it, ’cause I’d get to play a kick-butt assassin! 

Re-Publishing Flowers

Hat – Ruche; Dress – Spotted Moth / Ruche; Belt – F21; Shoes – AE
Because blogger was down an erased my posts – I’m re-publishing! 

Peter Parker Am I

Vest – H&M; Shirt -?; Jeans – Guess; Earrings – F21; Boots – Ruche

I can relate to Peter Parker – not the super powers due to a spider bite thing, though I do rock at Super Mom even on little sleep – but the whole nerd-never-gets-the-girl thing.  No, I’m not after a girl.  The girl is the metaphorical griffin of life.   I often feel like the underdog – but that’s cool ’cause every dog gets his day.  I’m not the life of the party, or the one everyone gravitates to; I’m the one who watches and listens and snags the chocolate covered strawberries from the buffet table.  And I’m happy being that person – chocolate covered strawberries are good.  No pressure to please, and also no worries.  I like to sit back and watch what happens.  Turning the spotlight on me often makes me nervous.  That’s why I like to act, I guess.  ‘Cause it’s not me up there it’s a different character. 

In high school I remember having those self-confidence issues we all have.  Wanting to be that girl.  You know, the one every guy liked and every girl wanted to be.  But now I’m happy I wasn’t.  That’s a lot of pressure to live up to.  And that’s a lot of eyes looking at you and judging.  I had good friends and got to geek out all I wanted. 

And that has continued to this day.  I’m still not that girl, but I’m the girl in the corner talking to some dudes about BSG, Firefly and Star Trek vs Star Wars over an old scotch.  And you know what?  That’s company I like.  I understand that language. Those are my peeps.  And I’ve got a lot to say about Boba Fett.

Betsey Johnson, Baby!

Baby loves my Betsey Johnson bag!  I knew she had good taste!

Mother’s Day Outfit

Hat – Zellers; Glasses – F21; Shirt – Ruche; Vest – AE; Jeans – Gap; Shoes – AE; Ring – Smart Set; Earrings – F21

The dresses were great, but I’m so happy to be putting together different outfits now!   I’ve been meaning to wear these flares, like, forever!  And I finally got the chance.  They’re so long though that I have to wear a pretty mean heel with them.  That’s not a big deal, but I felt kind of proud of myself that I managed to spend the whole day walking around Toronto in these wedges.  It’s the little things you know???

If you have a moment, stop by here to read all about the Vicious Kid music video shoot and see some great photos.

Random Sunday: Mother’s Day

The reason I’m so happy to be a Mom.

My first Mother’s Day!  Not only did I get a darling present, but I got the whole day to my myself.  Last night, I got a gift from Husband and Baby – a box of my vices:  chocolate, rum, tea, macaroons, and a gift certificate to Ruche.  And today I got to do a fabulously hard run, followed by a whole day spent bumming around town by myself. 

I went and got a manicure, had girl time with my friend, browsed soooo many shops, and stopped by TCAF *a comic festival* to see my sister exhibiting her work.

A comic about what else but Freddie Mercury!

She had two comics of her own for display, and one collaboration with a group of people.  I’m so proud that she’s so ambitious to get her work out there.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!

I came home to a delicious salmon salad, white wine aaaand I think there’s a foot massage in store for me. 

Can every day be Mother’s Day????

Hot Girl. Hot Car. *no I’m not talking about me*

Happy Mother’s Day!  I get the whole day to myself to enjoy and relax.  So, I’m gonna go do that and I’ll tell you all about the Vicious Kid music video shoot I did over here.  But you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow.  Sorry! Mama’s gotta do, what Mama’s gotta do!

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