Emily in Paris?

You guys watched “Emily in Paris”? I did. They reviews said it was the ‘new Sex in the City.’

Is It Just Me?

Running around like a chicken without a head: errands, homework, orthodontist appointments, and cleaning and cooking.


I recently checked my insta stats, or insights, and it seems I’m most popular with 25-34 yr old men. “Does this put me officially in ‘Cougar’ status?” I asked.

Vintage Styles, Not Vintage Morals

Just because I like vintage styles, and boho styles, that doesn’t necessarily mean I subscribe to the values associated with it.

Empty Lots

I’m kind of loving the apocolypse vibe.


It was finally a gorgeous autumn day. We got up early, and got in our cars early, to get to the apple picking right when it opened.

5 Inches Lost

A haircut!! Yes, I finally managed to get it.

Pumpkin Spice Force?

Can I force myself to to like Pumpkin?

Well, No Denying Fall

Well, Fall is here. No one can deny that.

Desperate for Attention

“Receiving the true attention of another is always the best kind of food. Someone who responds automatically is not truly present in the relationship, but acting passively, out of conditioning or a sense of duty. His partner often feels a flatness and emptiness, a sense that the person is not really there.” – Zen and the art of Falling in Love.

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