A Plague of Mediocrity

“With all the likes and retweets and the compliments that nobody means. It’s a world of contentment. A world of mediocrity. A world of average people who think they’re excellent.” Elan Gale

A Little Bit of Appreciation

There’s this great community on Facebook of fans of vintage and certain brands that buy items from each other, and swap items from each other.

Heat! Give Me Some Heat!

It’s summer and sweltering hot.

Butt Masks?!

Speaking of, speaking of how hard it is to be a woman, I just saw an ad for a butt mask. No f**king joke.

A Premonition

“There are some people who you look at, and you can just tell how their story will end.

The Old Man

We went for a walk. It was hot and humid and we were sweating, but it was late afternoon so not too bad at all.

Too Much Photoshop

Speaking of influencers as I did the other day, I’ll comment on this too, as I have before. I look like my photos.

Top Modelling It Up

I love to watch influencers (and I don’t really consider myself one for the fact that I turn down 99% of stuff, and am really too small potatoes to be of any real notice) doing their thing out in the world in videos uploaded to the internet – and I mean the BTS stuff.

Beach Days Forever

Beach days are the most glorious things on the planet.

Birthday Messages

Since it’s a covid birthday, I’ll tell you about the little thing I organized.


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