How I Altered a Dress and Made a Scarf

I bought a white dress on sale, clearance actually; it had a long kercheif lacy bottom.

A Walk Through Dumbarton….and Some Zoolander?

The last day we actually got to spend half an afternoon together. So I took Andrew on a walk through Dumbarton Oak Park to Goergetown because I knew he would love it.

Where I Review a Shop….Unfortunately

I don’t usually rag on a shop, but well, being honest here so…


The unexpected comes from nowhere – it’s why it’s called unexpected.

Taking Some Time Out When You Need It

I took a break last week. I needed one.

Fingers Over A Keyboard

Sometimes I post the pictures and think about what to say and have no idea.

Just In Case…

…you didn’t think I actually wore the things in my blog.

A Day of Hours

This day was lovely. It was a little spontaneous too.

No Heels Or Fancy Dresses

You know I’m not a huge fan of super fancy dresses and high heels.

Bringing Fanny Back

I know. I know. Fannypacks are sooo last century. But everything old is new again,

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