Among the Ruins

A short walk from the campsite there’s a set of old ruins.


I mentioned a while back that I’m working on growth in terms of self love and feeling beautiful.

Just a Few Things I’ve learned. It’s Not A Lot.


My PhotoBomber

When you’re a mom who blogs about fashion, it means that you often have a ‘little helper.’

Do You Feel Beautiful?

I shared about this on my Instagram recently, but I thought it warranted sharing here.

Can’t We Just talk?

I’ve been watching Nashville again. Ugh, it’s my dirty little secret melodrama and I love it.

Food truckin’ and Little Havana

Last Friday was my darling girl’s birthday. She got a special breakfast made, got some treats after school, and then we went out for dinner to Food Truckin’ Fridays.

Those Days

You know those days where you wonder how you’ll get everything done?

An Ass Out Of You

That’s what assumptions do. Assumptions about people more often than not prove to be false,

Update on Kicking The Habit

That first day wasn’t as rough as I expected.

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