Is It Just Me…

…Or is everyone going through a tough time right now? A period of transition?

Happy Murals

The local coffee shop, SuperCoffee, commissioned a mural.

Oh Canada!

The weather turned a bit ago, and I found these shots still sitting on my computer.


So just to go off yesterday’s post. Just so you don’t think my world is falling apart or anything. I’ve got a little story today. 

Beauty and Bounty – 5 Things You’re Grateful For

“It would be as though my hands and feet were suddenly untied, and life was pouring back in.” – Rumi

Among the Ruins

A short walk from the campsite there’s a set of old ruins.


I mentioned a while back that I’m working on growth in terms of self love and feeling beautiful.

Just a Few Things I’ve learned. It’s Not A Lot.


My PhotoBomber

When you’re a mom who blogs about fashion, it means that you often have a ‘little helper.’

Do You Feel Beautiful?

I shared about this on my Instagram recently, but I thought it warranted sharing here.

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