Blatant Podcast Pitch

You read all my words here. You see all the pictures.

Prove It

You make a commitment, you make a decision to change and right  away the universe gives you a chance to prove it.

I’m Dreaming of You…

Snow on the ground. But.

Winter is Coming, Jon Snow

Though it may not be winter ice frozen zombies, it certainly feels that way when it’s February and everything is frozen over.


When going out to events that you have to dress up for a little bit, I like the LBD.

What To Do If An Online Purchase Doesn’t Work Out?

Since I get everything on sale *and especially sale on sale* and love shops from Australia that means sometimes things don’t work out.

I Forget…


…to feed me sometimes.

Folk Rock ‘n Roll.

I sometimes feel that with the way I dress, I should be the front man for some sort of folk rock ‘n roll band.

A Damn Lady

Sometimes ya just need to class it up and be a damn lady. Ya know?

Going to The Beach

I had just written this post about wanting to live in a beach town, when we decided it was time to hit the beach. Ironic.

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