Ooh La La!

Though I am the clearance queen, as established already, sometimes a girl has to treat herself.

Editing and Sensuality

Yes, lately it’s been memorizing lines, and sitting at my computer editing.

An Ass Out Of You

That’s what assumptions do. Assumptions about people more often than not prove to be false,

A Simple Wish

I’m in the studio today and this weekend,

Kicking The Habit

Ola beautiful people! It’s sunny, and getting warmer by the second. So I’m slowly coming out of hibernation. But first, before I do anything. I’m cutting my coffee/tea intake drastically.

How I Altered a Dress and Made a Scarf

I bought a white dress on sale, clearance actually; it had a long kercheif lacy bottom.

What To Do If An Online Purchase Doesn’t Work Out?

Since I get everything on sale *and especially sale on sale* and love shops from Australia that means sometimes things don’t work out.

Folk Rock ‘n Roll.

I sometimes feel that with the way I dress, I should be the front man for some sort of folk rock ‘n roll band.

Artful Dirty Secret

I’ll share my weird fascination with you guys.

A Lazy Long Weekend

This weekend could have been a flurry of activity.

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