The Long Way ‘Round

“I’ve got a ticket for the long way round….two bottle a’whiskey for the road….”

The Ice Queen Thaweth

Certain things really stress us out: health, work, and love. They do so for a good reason. They’re important things that matter and affect us greatly. Certain other things….

Other Ways to Sustainable Fashion

There are so many new brands popping up that are made from sustainable materials, or that recycle, etc. etc.

That First Day On The Bike

Yes, I know people in Toronto bike year round.

Cherry Blossoms in High Park Picnic

Toronto’s Cherry Blossoms are at their peak right now.

Honor Those Here

Toronto was rocked this past week by a man in a van running down pedestrians.

Dem Tights

I love a great pair of lace tights. I had a fun pair from F21 that lasted for years and then died. Then I got this pair on sale at Free People.

Embrace the Ridiculousness

When you’re out with your friend, and ask her to take some outfit shots….but she can’t stop making you laugh, what do you do?

Me on a Tuesday Morning

I usually stay out late on a Monday. I’m part of an acting group and we get together, run scenes, and then hang out at a pub together.

Swishy Sounds Captured in a Photo

I love swirling about in a floaty dress or skirt.

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