My Daughter…

…had a bad day.

My Ears, Her Ears

It throws me for a loop to see things about me that I never liked all that much, look oh so cute on my girl.

Useless and Pure Fun

I recently binged the Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy.

The Rest is Silence

What is it about being in your thirties? You start to get a bit more comfortable, you start to really question shit, and you start to really not give a f**k about stuff anymore.

This Is What Happens When A Fan Makes A Show

Okay, blatant gush fest here folks.

Sometimes I Just Can’t Help Myself…

…I get into political twitter conversations

Canada, You’re Pretty Great.

It’s been a rough weekend and start of a week.

And So it Begins…

….the exercise in the great Canadian art of layering.

Is It Just Me…

…Or is everyone going through a tough time right now? A period of transition?

Stylish Surprise

I thought I should share the Stylish Surprise thing with you.

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