English Rose

With all the rain we’ve been getting, and it’s been a lot, it doesn’t make for a lot of bike riding days.

Loose Flowing Midis

Summer, the time for loose flowing dresses without layers under or on top.

On that Note

Guess what? Today my girl turns seven!

Ooh La La!

Though I am the clearance queen, as established already, sometimes a girl has to treat herself.

Summer’s Here!

Oh yeah! ┬áThat’s right. Summer is finally here.

Those Magic Days

It was that glorious day. You’ve experienced it.

Naked People

You know I make my money from being a photographer right?

Why I Can’t Have Pretty Things

I bought myself an umbrella. Isn’t it a pretty umbrella? I think so.

Summer, You’re a Tease

Summer is in this gorgeous little game with us.

Under Construction, Right?

We’re all totally under construction all the time.

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