New Views

No, the canal here isn’t necessarily pretty.

An Ass Out Of You

That’s what assumptions do. Assumptions about people more often than not prove to be false,

That Little Bit of Joy

Baby *do you mind if I call you baby?*, it’s Monday, let’s get out there and kill it today, shall we?

A Simple Wish

I’m in the studio today and this weekend,

Mini Me

My lovely girl is in that “twinning with Mommy” phase.

Kicking The Habit

Ola beautiful people! It’s sunny, and getting warmer by the second. So I’m slowly coming out of hibernation. But first, before I do anything. I’m cutting my coffee/tea intake drastically.

Small Changes

Do you ever find yourself with something that you loved,

April Showers and Whatever

Well you guessed it, the rain is here.

Parisian Stripes?

I rarely, if ever, wear stripes. It’s just not my thing.

Breaking Into My Own Car

You know how some weeks you just want to forget?

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