Anybody Else Out There Feeling Judged?

Just checking if it’s only me.

Christmas Eve Family Dressing

Christmas Eve is the big deal for us Polish folks.

Winter (Almost) Whites

Yesterday I posted an honest and not so pretty post on Instagram, and the response from the community was so lovely.

Post SnowStorm

Winter arrived and with a vengence.

I’m Dreaming of You…

Snow on the ground. But.

Book: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Apologies for being absent this week. I wish there was a solid reason, but really I disappeared into a novel.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To all the lovers,

To all the friends,


A simple shirt dress in a soft fabric.

Old Friends

There’s this beautiful thing that happens with long time friends.

Why I Didn’t Like “Gypset Style”

I’ve been reading “Gypset Style” by Julie Chaplin. I got it as a gift once, and well, every style blogger I know and every brand I know was singing its praises; so, I figured I should probably read it. And I don’t like it.

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