Canada, You’re Pretty Great.

It’s been a rough weekend and start of a week.

Happy Murals

The local coffee shop, SuperCoffee, commissioned a mural.

A Simple Wish

I’m in the studio today and this weekend,

Inspirations Eludes

I have this notebook. I notebook where I write down sentences, poems, fragments of books that strike me.

Ditch Day

Growing up and having responsibilities. Yeah, that happens to everyone.

Get Your Coffee, Do The Work

Sometimes you just need to get a coffee from your favorite coffee shop – holler holler at SuperCoffee! – and get shit done like the boss lady you are.

How I Altered a Dress and Made a Scarf

I bought a white dress on sale, clearance actually; it had a long kercheif lacy bottom.

You Don’t Need the Latest and Newest Clothes

There’s this idea that to have style and be fashionable you have to spend a lot of money on the latest clothes.

Blatant Podcast Pitch

You read all my words here. You see all the pictures.

Anybody Else Out There Feeling Judged?

Just checking if it’s only me.

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