You Don’t Need the Latest and Newest Clothes

There’s this idea that to have style and be fashionable you have to spend a lot of money on the latest clothes.

Blatant Podcast Pitch

You read all my words here. You see all the pictures.

Prove It

You make a commitment, you make a decision to change and right  away the universe gives you a chance to prove it.

Post SnowStorm

Winter arrived and with a vengence.

Choose Growth, Don’t Settle Into Mediocrity

“The human animal, like others, is adapted to a certain amount of struggle for life, and when by means of great wealth homosapiens can gratify all his whims without effort, the mere absence of effort from his life removes an essential ingredient of happiness.” – Bertrand Russell

Those Chords, They Play My Soul

Stones. The Rolling Stones. Have you listened to Blue and Lonesome yet?

Book: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Apologies for being absent this week. I wish there was a solid reason, but really I disappeared into a novel.

Shoot the Room, and Other Fashion Blogger Hacks

So that first day, that eight hours of walking day? Yeah, that day was the slow death of my fabric backpack.

A Week in Washignton DC

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Andrew on one of his business trips – this time to Washington DC.

Where I Review a Shop….Unfortunately

I don’t usually rag on a shop, but well, being honest here so…

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