My Wild Saturday Nights

I’m outta control, I tell ya.

Useless and Pure Fun

I recently binged the Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy.

Pulling Things Back

I love the stacked rings look. I love the layered necklace look too.

Foxy Lady As I Please

I get so tired of being told what I should and shouldn’t wear.

Happy Murals

The local coffee shop, SuperCoffee, commissioned a mural.

Oh Canada!

The weather turned a bit ago, and I found these shots still sitting on my computer.

When You Say Goodbye

I’ve been part of a Dungeons and Dragons podcast for over a year

Too Much

Well, going off my previous post, I could stay silent and politely fade away.

So Saccharine it’s Naughty?

A classic gingham dress with the sweetest of sweet heart shaped glasses.

Count Your Blessings

It’s been such a cold and wet Summer that I’ve hardly gotten a chance to wear shorts and rompers, it’s been more sweaters and rain jackets.

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