You Are Enough

Some days I’m a shitty Mom. Some days I’m a shitty wife.

Anybody Else Out There Feeling Judged?

Just checking if it’s only me.

Christmas Eve Family Dressing

Christmas Eve is the big deal for us Polish folks.

Winter (Almost) Whites

Yesterday I posted an honest and not so pretty post on Instagram, and the response from the community was so lovely.

Speaking Up For What You Need

I don’t like to ask for help and ask for what I need.

That Dress Though

I’ve worn this dress a few times already.

Like My Necklace….

…I have two sides.

Iced Tea

On a hot day, I mean one of those scorching, humid, oppressive days, is there anything better than a crisp glass of iced tea with lemon?

Gone Girl

Ha! What I mean by that is the vast amount of business trips Andrew’s having this month.

And Then She Read

One thing that I love is non-fiction. I read voraciously.

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