It’s a Thing, Right?

Sweatpants and kimonos are a thing, am I right?

Embrace the Ridiculousness

When you’re out with your friend, and ask her to take some outfit shots….but she can’t stop making you laugh, what do you do?

Me on a Tuesday Morning

I usually stay out late on a Monday. I’m part of an acting group and we get together, run scenes, and then hang out at a pub together.

The Doorman

I’ve gone back to “Zen and the Art of Falling in Love” as I tend to do.

Bodysuits and TMI?

Okay, some real weird fashion real talk comin’ atcha right now. I’m talking bodysuits today.

So Am I…

So am I the only one

Swishy Sounds Captured in a Photo

I love swirling about in a floaty dress or skirt.


The One of A Kind Show and Sale is on this weekend in Toronto.

More Premieres

Had another fun premiere to go to of another film of mine.


Sweaters, knitted skirts, and long socks are things that we Canucks have to wear transitionally as well as in the Winter.

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