Yes, This is About Climate Change

This month Toronto experienced some serious flooding from the huge storms we’ve had.

A Storm Brewing, a Vintage Dress, and A Winery

The sky was dramatic, think “Wuthering Heights” dramatic. It was somewhere between ‘teenage angst’ and ‘existential crisis’;

Those Sunsets

Sunset walks quickly became a thing. It’s rated as some of the most breathtaking views around – the park sunsets, so there was no way we were missing a single one.

Kitchener Stop and the Secret to Parenting (I’m Joking)

Your kids become you. You want them to read? Read? You want them to eat healthy? Eat healthy. You get the idea.

Beach Day and Respecting Your Body

After breakfast, they went on a morning hike. I needed some quiet time.

Not Even Going to Apologize….

…for the amount of picture overload that will be coming your way over the next month.

Taylor Swift and the Super Hero Mom

She’s eight. She’s out of those years where memories impact us profoundly, but we don’t remember them. She’s in that stage now where memories are real and become part of our remembered history. 

Street Festivals

Toronto has no shortage of street festivals. And everyone of them is a little different,

Beauty and A**holes

So I spoke about my crochet weakness already, well here’s another: backless dresses.

Crochet and Buying Clothes Online

If I have a serious weakness, it’s that of crochet dresses.

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