Random Meetings

Summer hit with the full force of hot and humid. And while everyone was complaining, I was like, “Yes!!!” 

That Romantic Word

He left on a business trip. Driving for a long time.  He called me from the road to talk…

Boho Green thumb *not really*

A trip to our local Plant World. I didn’t need a lot this year,

Is my Polish Showing?

Sometimes it only shows through a tiny bit. Other times, like today, it screams at you with the fury of one thousand Hussars. 

Keona – Say Yes to You

The past week I was invited to spend a lovely afternoon with Keona.

Just Our Best

Yesterday I didn’t want to do anything. Today?

The First Swishbook.

I’m hoping to add some more video to this here site. It’ll be some swish fashion, some life snippets, and basically whatever wanders in. I’m calling it my “Swishbook” because, well, I hope to swish through life….even through the muck.


Make Friends with Your Demons

I f**k up like mad. My demons are my friends.

The Long Way ‘Round

“I’ve got a ticket for the long way round….two bottle a’whiskey for the road….”

Not a f**kin’ poet, but fancy myself a thinker.

It’s a fascinating word isn’t it? It holds a lifetime worth of promise, yet is completely non existent.

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