Cherry Blossoms in High Park Picnic

Toronto’s Cherry Blossoms are at their peak right now.

The Three Body Problem

Want another book recommendation?  Well you’re going to get it anyway. Ha! 

Soak It All Up

It is sunny. It is warm. Oh my gosh, I never thought the day would come.

Check Yourself

Do you produce because you feel an urgent compulsion to express certain idea or feelings, or are you actuated by the desire for applause?” – Bertrand Russell

Oils, Oils, Everywhere

My own personal beauty aesthetic is simple: organic and natural.

Honor Those Here

Toronto was rocked this past week by a man in a van running down pedestrians.

Drunk Hamlet

I went to see this thing called Drunk Hamlet put on by Dauntless Theatre in Toronto.

Out of the Comfort Zone

I don’t often wear pink. It’s not a color you’ll find on me a lot.

Selfies vs. Self Portraits (Hate vs. Love)

I told you it was coming. I warned you it was coming. I promised, and so here it is: my thoughts on the selfie.

Dem Tights

I love a great pair of lace tights. I had a fun pair from F21 that lasted for years and then died. Then I got this pair on sale at Free People.

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