Summer, You’re a Tease

Summer is in this gorgeous little game with us.

Under Construction, Right?

We’re all totally under construction all the time.

Those Days

You know those days where you wonder how you’ll get everything done?

New Views

No, the canal here isn’t necessarily pretty.

Editing and Sensuality

Yes, lately it’s been memorizing lines, and sitting at my computer editing.

The Secret To Happiness

The Dalai Lama says the secret to true happiness is this: have a purpose, and serve others.

Manifesting and the Whole ‘Vibe’ Bullshit

There’s that whole adage of “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”


A brutal head cold. That’s kind of been my life the past few days.

Math Girls Rock!

That’s the phrase that is king in our house right now.

An Ass Out Of You

That’s what assumptions do. Assumptions about people more often than not prove to be false,

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