World Cup Fever

The World Cup. Yup, it’s a huge thing. In Poland, soccer is the game.

One For You!

I know we all have phones, and we all have the time updated there automatically, but I still really love the feel of wearing a watch.

Vintage Shopping Spree: Trinity Bellwoods Yard Sale

So it’s well established by now that I don’t do malls or shops very well at all.


There was this great week there: where my In-laws watched my girl one evening, and then took her for two evenings on the weekend.

World Cup Starts!

This weekend was a busy one.

When She Lets Me

Some days she loves photobombing.

What Music We Have Rung

“So you, with a Medici smile, becoming not
A twilight personage but the danceable gloom
And music of all shade, wake trailing song
As in an hour of hot brilliance what
Happens is a wrung memory of light
And all shade is what music we have rung.”
– James Merrill

Flying Solo – Whole

I have a very talented friend, well actually I have a lot of very talented friends, but this time I’m talking about one particular smart, kind woman who can also pole dance – Liona.

The Ugly is Beautiful

Sure, the stunning landscape, the amazing landmark, the breathtaking waterfall. No one, no one can deny the beauty of those things.

Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington

It happens every last Sunday of the month during the Summer:

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