Interlaken, Switzerland

I’m incredibly sick today.  Couldn’t keep any food in me all night and all day, fever, chills – the works! It’s just this evening that I managed to eat something.  I’m slowly on the mend, but as you can imagine, I didn’t really get dressed today.   I spent the day in sweatpants, and I really wasn’t thinking about blogging at all – I really wasn’t thinking at all.  So no outfit today. Sorry. 

But I thought I shared with you a few more shots from our Europe trip.  In case, you missed it, we spent about 3 months in Europe bumming around and seeing everything we could. One of Andrew’s favorite places was Interlaken, Switzerland. 

Yes, the water was actually that color!  
Glacier fed lake looks beautiful, but it’s not made for swimming!
The view from our hostel was to die for!
I got my very own Swiss Army knife in Switzerland!

Yodel, anyone?

Dress 55: S&M Facials Anyone?

Sweater – H&M; Dress – Coco & Tashi; Belt – thrifted; Leggings – F21

Close up of my lovely thrifted belt.

Last night I went to sleep in spring and woke up in full blown winter.  There is a snowstorm raging outside my window and I’m in a crabby mood.  My mood is not a direct result of the weather, it’s only exacerbated by this freak snowstorm.  I got some unpleasant news yesterday, and am all in flux as a result.  Suffice it to say that times, they are a changin’.  

Therefore, I decided to use a certificate I’ve had stashed in my desk and went to get a facial.  It relaxed me, but I was weirded out a little.  The woman pulled my hair (intentionally as part of the “massage” and a little too roughly) and then smacked my face a few times (not too hard, but enough, you know?).  I was so confused!  I didn’t ask for an S&M facial!  Note to self, “Self, do not go back there!”

Needless to say that facial did not raise my spirits.

Hope you like the dress – I’m keeping it because it always makes me happy!

But right now I’m taking my own advice *if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all*
I’m signing off.
Good night.
See y’all tomorrow.

Dress 54: *Insert Laugh Track*

Dress & Belt – Threadsence; Leggings – F21; Boots – ?; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Necklace – made by me.
Close of the necklace I made.

I’m on the air today, so I tried to look all cool.  *insert laughter here*  Honestly, I love the comfort of this dress and the devil-may-care feel of the cut and fabric.  It’s great for this relaxed spring day.  I’m definitely saving this one!

True Story:  How do two parents put on tights and pants on a squirmy baby?  First, place baby on lap.  Put on both legs of tights, then lift baby via the tights and shake until baby has the tights up to her armpits, thereby giving said baby a wedgie (which the diaper negates).  Second, one parent grasps baby under her armpits and holds her in the air.  The other parent holds pants open underneath baby while first parent lowers said baby into pants.  Finished.

Don’t even ask how we change her diaper…

Dress 53: Dots! Dots! Dots!

My street on the way to work was very dreary.
Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue
Earrings – F21; I love the chiffon detail on this dress.
Cardi – Old Navy.

I love polka dots!  I don’t think there’s a polka dot that I haven’t liked.  I see it and I am irressistibly drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  And when I saw this dress on special at Ruche, I couldn’t resist adding it to my arsenal.  It’s comfortable and I love the chiffon detailing around the neckline.  I think it’s such a fun spring print too.  Polka dots are never out of style!  *at least in my head*  Trash, stash, or save?  Oh, save for sure! 

True Story: I’m a little sad today.  Baby is moving out of our room and into her room.  So I’m going through a little pre-emptive seperation anxiety.  I’m going to miss her so much, but I know it’s for her own good.  She’s got to learn to sleep by herself in her won room.  Hopefully, she’ll sleep better too.

Random Sundays: Baby and I

You know I don’t post pics of Baby on this blog, but I thought since her face isn’t in this shot I would show you all how big she’s getting.  She’s crawling and standing and cruising.  And, of course, she’s getting into everything!!  She’s such a curious little munchkin.

That’s her blankie there in the picture…and it gives her comfort when she sleeps and when she tumbles (which she does a lot since she insists on standing and trying all sorts of new things).

And I love to see her big grin and little bum bounce when she’s dancing along to music.  So cute!

Dress 52: Sometimes You Shoot And Miss

Sweater – C’est Moi; Dress – Lush; Scarf & Belt – Thrifted; Leggings – F21; Boots – NYC

I wore this a bit ago but haven’t had a chance to post.  As you can see there is snow in this picture, and I’m glad to say that there has been none for two days.  I didn’t want to post this because I’m not happy with the outfit, but I figured that since I wore it I should own up to it.  So here it is.  This is a miss, but hey, we all make outfit mistakes.

True Story:  Baby takes Drake the Dog’s toys and intentionally teases him with them by smacking him in the head.  He just sits there with his puppy eyes and takes it.  The poor dog!

Happy Saturday!

Visiting With Family

Sweater – made by Babcia; Shirt – from swap; Jeans – Guess

Husband is working a conference with long hours, so my Babcia came to stay with me for three days – for the company and the help with Baby.  I’m having a great time playing cards with her.  She’s the one who taught me to play when I was 6, and my Mom taught me to deal like a hustler.  So all in all, I’m a pretty good card shark….I guess that’s one of my hidden talents.  Texas Hold Em’ anyone? 

True Story:  Baby and Babcia both bouncing up and down to the music!  So funny!!

Dress 51: St.Patty`s Day

Here’s a clean, crisp shot of the dress.  *notice the bad hair day*
Husband got some candid shots of me…I’m loving the awkward shots of me lately.

Jacket – F21; Sweater – clothing swap; Dress – Ruche; Leggings – F21; Boots – Feet First.

It was 13 degrees outside today!!!  Yay!  I wore a light jacket and didn’t freeze my behind off.  Spring has arrived.  I can’t wait until it gets even warmer.

Today’s dress is a fairly recent dress from Ruche and I absolutely love it.  However, I didn’t get to wear it around for too long as Baby decided to grace it with her spit up.  Oh well, at least I was pretty for part of my day.  Trash, stash, or save?  Save!  I love the aplique detail.  *I’m noticing that I’m not trashing a lot of dresses…I guess I just can’t bear to part with any of them*

And sorry, no green today for St. Patrick’s Day.  I love the Irish, but I hate wearing green.  But here’s to the Irish!  Cheers!

Dress 50: Mommy, Murder Victim, Wife…the many hats I wear.

Jacket – Jacob; Sweater – Esprit; Dress – Suzy Shier; Leggings – F21; Boots – Aldo

What I wore:  This dress was a cheapy purchase several years back and I’ve gotten so much wear out of it.  It came with me to many a class in University, and lots of outings. It’s my twist on the LBD because it’s just as versatile but has a little something because of the pattern and ruching down the front.  Best thing?  It’s a material that doesn’t wrinkle, so it’s perfect for travelling!

Trash, stash, or save?  Definitely save, no?

Today was a roller coaster of a ride – emotionally.  Husband and I bickered. *always fun* But who in a long-term relationship doesn’t have those days when your spouse is just not your favorite person at certain times throughout the day?  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all thought it.  Not all of us admit it to ourselves, or say it out loud.  Well, I for one am all about voicing what goes on.  Hence the blog, I think.  Enough about that.  It all works out in the end.

Then I had an audition in which I had to play a murder victim.  Fun.  Yeah, that was trying.

Auditions are a weird creation.  You walk in and great each other nicely, smile-smile, make small talk – just like in a job interview.  Then they say, “Okay, you’re a murder victim begging and crying not to die”  And go!  You  have to do that, be that, feel that.  Then you hear, “Thank you.”  And immediately you have to switch back to smile-smile mode.   Told you, weird.

I relaxed on the subway ride home by reading a book.
And the second I stepped through the door I had to jump into Mommy mode by putting away laundry, bathing baby, etc., etc..

See?  Roller coaster ride.

Ride over.
Now it’s me, chocolate, and some ‘Community.’

Watching Community With A Pill

Sweater – made by my Babcia.

Husband has been away for a few days, but he comes back today.  Yay!  Baby has been a total pill at night…I think it’s the time change.  I think it’s wreaking havoc with her internal clock, which means she’s wreaking havoc on me.  Tonight, however, Husband will be here to help.  Maybe I can finally get some sleep.

I know this is random, but I’ve been watching Community.  I love that show!  Abed and Troy are the best!  It really brightens my day to laugh out loud.

True Story:  Yesterday I took a nap with Baby. It is the sweetest thing ever to sleep with your little one.  And when you think you’re not doing all you can to live up to your potential, you just have to look at them and know that if you do nothing else but love them, it will be enough.

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