Dress 85: The End Of The Road

Cardi – thrifted; Dress – Ruche; Leggings & Belt – F21; Boots – Somewhere in NYC.

We’re done! We’re done! Done! Done! Done-dee-dee-done!  That’s officially the last dress in my challenge.  Phew!  It feels like that took forever.  And it’s kind of fitting that we’re done one day before my very first Mother’s Day!

I probably have just as many, as when I started.  Some were packed away and some were given away, but some were bought to replace them.  *oh well* It’s been great to challenge myself to wear some dresses.  I like how I’ve stretched my horizons just a little bit.

Don’t worry though, that’s not the end of dresses.  I’m just going to mix in some pants, shorts, and skirts now. 

Oh and guess what?  I’m shooting a music video tomorrow.  I’ll tell you all about it.

Dress 84: Seeing Spots

Jacket – ?; Sweater – thrfited; Dress – F21; Tights – from Poland; Boots – Aldo

I think this dress has to go.  I love it, it’s just waaay too short for me.  I guess I’ve grown since I wore it?  I really don’t remember the last time I wore it, so maybe?  I find that hard to believe, but it really is much too short to wear, even with tights.  So I think I”m going to store it for now.

On another note, Husband told me in my other post that I may offend some women because I group myself in the “rest of us” category even though I’m very slim.  And I feel he’s misreading what I wrote.  I’m not claiming that I’m not slim, just that I do have curves.  I’m not a stick straight, boyish shaped woman – that’s not my body type. I have hips, and just a bit more so since having Baby; so yes, despite being slim, I still have hip confidence issues. 

Dress 83: Chocolate, Shopping, Oh My!

Jacket – Old Navy; Sweater – thrifted; Belt – thrifted; Dress – Ruche.

First off, did you check me out here?  You should; I look hawt, if I do say so myself!

Secondly, Baby and I were restless today, or maybe it was just me, so we headed out for a walk around stores and cafes and people.  It was wonderful!  The sunshine was so warm and I got a triple chocolate cookie!

Baby got a rice cracker.

Yeah well, she has plenty of time to make bad eating choices.  I’m not going to do it for her.

P.S.  I failed miserably today…I bought something…I know.  But at least I’m honest.   That counts for something right?  No?  Oh stop shaking your heads.  You wouldn’t be able to resist either.

I’ll show you when it gets here.

Check Me Out Over Here Today

Check me out over here and see lots of amazing shots from the Posthuman shoot!

Dress 82: Things That Make You Feel Pretty.

I love the movement of the dress.
Cardi – Smart Set; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Loafers – AE.

 Today I went to Walmart to get diapers *yes, I know I lead a tres glamorous life – hush you!*  and the girl at the check-out counter told me how much she liked my style.  It made me feel very pretty. 

Risking ‘too much information’, I’m going to tell you something.  I miss wearing pretty bras!  They have been packed away for about a year and a half, and I want them to come back to me.  It’s been maternity and nursing bras for such a long time, but the good news is that Baby is weaning herself.  That means the bras are about to make a come back!

True Story:  I was playing fetch with Drake the Dog using his favorite toy – squirrel.  It fell into the empty, shallow baby bath. He wouldn’t dare reach in with his muzzle to get it.  He just stood outside it and whined looking at his squirrel.  He hates baths that much. Baby reached in and took it out, and he immediately stole it from her and ran away.  Drake, you’re such a wimp and bully at the same time!

Dress 81: Wonderful Guilty Pleasure

So I wanted to show you the dress.

But the silliness of the above pose made me crack up.
Sweater – Tulle; Dress – Smart Set; Leggings – F21; Earrings – independent artisan.

You know what I miss since having a baby?  Other than sleep, time, clean clothes, etc, etc.  I really miss wearing my big earrings.  I love huge, honking earrings and I haven’t been able to wear them nearly as much as I used to.  So today, I wore these for all of one hour *that’s how long Baby slept for after I put these on*  It felt like a wonderful, guilty pleasure!

I miss having little pleasures like that.  I love Baby and wouldn’t trade her for the world, but sometimes I’d love to sleep in, wear something cute and have it stay clean all day.

Dress 80: Do You Like Getting Hippy?

Jacket – Old Navy; Scarf – thrifted; Dress – H&M; Boots – Ruche

This dress is one that I must say is difficult to wear.  The ruched sides and the horizontal stripes make anyone look a little ‘hippy’.  It’s great if you’re very slim, have a boyish figure, and want to add some curves!  But for the rest of us, it can be somewhat of a confidence test.  It’s also quite a fancy dress – something you’d wear out to a bar with the girls, but adding the denim jacket and relaxed booties *I’m loving these so much!* really dressed it down enough to be worn during the day.   

What did I do on Sunday?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  As I mentioned here, I shot an episode of Posthuman in Waterloo.  You can see some fun shots and read about everything here.

Thanks and see you all tomorrow!

Random Sundays: Her Mother’s Daughter

Baby is turning out to be just like her Mama.  She loves the treadmill just as much as I do! Don’t worry, she was under my watchful gaze the entire time.
I’m on set today for Posthuman, so this is the only post I’ll manage today. 
And check out a teaser pic of my new headshots here.

I haven’t showered, I haven’t eaten…I’m pooped!

Shirt – swapped; Scarf – thrifted; Jacket – Spotted Moth; Jeans – Guess.

Baby’s tooth finally breach the surface, but last night was the climax and boy did she give us a run for our money.   I’m so tired, the most I had the energy for was a cup of tea and a protein shake.  And me not eating is a huge deal!

In terms of outfit, all I could manage was to actually be dressed *as opposed to in my pajamas* as we headed out the door for a walk.  I know it’s not very uninspired, but not everyday can be glorious.

However, I must say I love this jacket from Spotted Moth.  It’s faux-fur lining is so very warm and comforting especially on a day like today where you’re tired and it’s still quite chilly.  The only down side to the piece is that it has no closure at the front.  That’s an issues in the fall with the cold wind. But I’m just going to add two hooks or buttons to make the jacket stay closed.  And for 50% off, this really is a steal!

Our outdoor adventure took us in and around the pond in the park.  

I love the mural on the side of the public building in the park.

Weeds or flowers?

One little, lone cloud in the sky.  Precious thing!

I love those trees.  Like giants in the playground.
Tomorrow I’m on set for the web series I’m working on.  
I’ll be blogging about that over here!

Dress 79: Is My Nerdiness Showing?

Baby and I on our way back from hanging out with her boyfriends!
I’m loving this out of focus shot.
Jacket – Old Navy  ; Dress Ruche  ; Tights – Hue; Shoes – AE; Bag – F21  (patches sewn on by me)

Baby is an absolute pill ’cause she’s got a tooth coming in.  And since Husband has been working the past three days, and is working for the next two weeks straight, I get to be with her all by myself.  Oh the joys of being freelance! But at least we got to go out and hang out with her gal friend and her three boyfriends.  The four other Moms and I finally managed to co-ordinate our schedules to see each other.  And yes, there are three boys and one other girl in the group.  Baby used to have her pick of the boys, but the other young lass is maturing and starting to get in on the action!

I’m so pleased to say that the weather has improved today.  I’m not one to usually talk about the weather so much, but it has been absolutely horrendous here lately – severe thunderstorm warnings, wind warnings, cold, rain, etc.  Today at least it didn’t prevent us from venturing out.

As for the title of the post, well if you get it, you get it.
If you don’t, it’s probably better I don’t explain.
I’ll just look like more of a nerd.

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