Truly The Best Gift



An evening spent with two friends.
Both of whom respect me, accept me, and love me.
With dancing. And Wine.
Truly that is the best thing I could ask for...

...okay, maybe Star Wars.


Romper - Arnhem  //  Cardigan - c/o Wallis  //  Boots - Browns  //  Socks - Free People




It was a friend's birthday party. A party where you're supposed to bring an appetizer to share with everyone. She messaged me the week before and asked if instead of bringing an appetizer, I would make her birthday playlist. She had been to the dance parties I hosted with my curated list, and she asked if I would create an upbeat list with some of her favorite indie rock mixed in.

You know when you really enjoy doing something, and spend lots of time thinking about it and getting it right, and then some people start to say that you do a good job at that thing? Yeah, this was an instance of that. And it felt great! I was so pleased to create the soundtrack to her evening. And so pleased that people enjoy both that and the dance mixes I make. Warms my heart to be appreciated.

Much love.



Dress & Necklace - ThreadSence  //  Hat - I forget  //  Boots - ShopSosie

Without A Care...


....I dance.
Without a thought to my troubles.
Without considering your looks, or questioning whether you judge me.
Without inhibition, or fear.

With wonder. With pleasure.
With eyes closed, and lips parted.
With freedom, and pure sensation.
With happiness....I dance.




Romper - Ecote from UO  //  Cardigan - FreePeople  //  Earrings - ThreadSence  // Boots - Browns




"Individuality is not an end in itself; it is something that must enter into fructifying contact with the world, and in so doing must lose its separateness. An individuality which is kept in a glass case withers, whereas one that is freely expended in human contacts becomes enriched."  - Bertrand Russell

Too often I hear people claim to be individuals. They claim it as a reason to remain distanced and separate from others. Like it's something to be proud of. Like the interactions with others will somehow lessen their individuality. But we're social creatures. We're designed to be with others - to lesser and greater extents as personality dictates.

And I ask, what sort of individuality is it that can not withstand a conversation, or a relationship? It is not individuality, but a fear I say. For the greatest test, I think, is to be in relationship with others, to share laughs, to hear their thoughts, to take pleasure in their pleasure, to ease their burdens, to be outside your self without losing yourself.






Dress - ThreadSence  //  Hat - I forget  //  Boots - ShopSosie  //  Cardigan - Ruche  //  Rings - F21, artisan fair, and heirlooms. 

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Splendor in the Leaves


Don't worry, I haven't been to an asylum or lost the love of my life *Splendor in the Grass reference not withstanding*

Hey Sports Fans? *A Parody*


So a girlfriend told me about this guy that does parodies of sports shirts. They parody the team logo and name. I, of course, bought the one for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Exposure - Or Paying Artists, One Fashion Bloggers Rant



Let's be honest. Many of you who are online a lot have probably heard of Essena O'Neill and how she quit her instagram modelling account and came clean about the back deals with companies to promote brands.  There's a whole lot of controversy over whether it's real or a hoax, as well as general other thoughts about the validity of instagram/social media accounts.

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