Fingers Over A Keyboard

Sometimes I post the pictures and think about what to say and have no idea.


Folk Rock ‘n Roll.

I sometimes feel that with the way I dress, I should be the front man for some sort of folk rock ‘n roll band.

Anthropologie-skirt-Star-Wars-shirt (4 of 5)web

Just In Case…

…you didn’t think I actually wore the things in my blog.

Spell-Designs-Skinny-Jeans (4 of 4)web

A Girl and Her Bike

The thing that I miss most about the leaving of summer is clearly the dresses  and heat, but second to that, I miss riding my bike.


A Day of Hours

This day was lovely. It was a little spontaneous too.


Comfort in a Dress

You know how I literally just finished telling you that wearing dresses is all about the comfort for me?


No Heels Or Fancy Dresses

You know I’m not a huge fan of super fancy dresses and high heels.


Fashion On Yonge

This past week I had some seriously great fun with Fashion on Yonge.


KonMari Dresses and Closet Before and After

I did dresses next. As a dress lover this was….just ugh


Reframing TIFF

TIFF is always a crazy time. This time though, I’ve decided to take an intentional step back.

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