Selfies vs. Self Portraits (Hate vs. Love)

I told you it was coming. I warned you it was coming. I promised, and so here it is: my thoughts on the selfie.

Dem Tights

I love a great pair of lace tights. I had a fun pair from F21 that lasted for years and then died. Then I got this pair on sale at Free People.

It’s a Thing, Right?

Sweatpants and kimonos are a thing, am I right?

Embrace the Ridiculousness

When you’re out with your friend, and ask her to take some outfit shots….but she can’t stop making you laugh, what do you do?

Me on a Tuesday Morning

I usually stay out late on a Monday. I’m part of an acting group and we get together, run scenes, and then hang out at a pub together.

The Doorman

I’ve gone back to “Zen and the Art of Falling in Love” as I tend to do.

Bodysuits and TMI?

Okay, some real weird fashion real talk comin’ atcha right now. I’m talking bodysuits today.

So Am I…

So am I the only one

Swishy Sounds Captured in a Photo

I love swirling about in a floaty dress or skirt.


The One of A Kind Show and Sale is on this weekend in Toronto.

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