Why Beaded Vests Make Life Easier, Or Something Like That





Top & Beaded Vest - UO  // Necklace - ThreadSence *old*  //  Pants - Dittos  //  Bag - Lucky Brand 

Clearly I'm all about the comfy.  In fact, if clothing is restrictive in any way it gets worn very rarely.  there are of course a few pieces that are for special occasions, and on those rare moments I tolerate less than full comfort.  But generally speaking? No.  Generally speaking, it's low heels, soft stretchy fabrics and ease of mobility.  Life is hard enough without making you're clothes hard too.

It's All About Interest





Jacket & Shirt - UO  //  Fedora - ThreadSence  //  Pants - Zara  // Boots - Aldo  //  Earrings & rings - I forget *old*

Sometimes, rarely, I do enjoy wearing an all black ensemble.  But whenever I do monochrome, I love playing with textures upon textures.  Sequins, wool, fur, and pleather....did I miss anything?

It's just interest I guess.  I love to see some interest in clothing. When there's textures, or colors, there's interest, feeling, and a sense of that individual's attitude for the eve.  I don't presume to encourage people to judge by the cover, but it's fun to say something about your state of mind at this particular moment.

Mine was all about the party.

World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto


This week was fashion week here in Toronto.  I obviously love fashion....clearly.  So despite it being a busy week - even though I tried to keep it clear - I still managed to hit up a few shows.   A gracious thank you for the wonderful designers and PR companies that invited me.  It was a treat!

I hit up the VAWK show first, and thought I wouldn't need my camera.  But I was further back than my phone - which is not top of the line - can handle and sadly missed getting shots.  But google the images - seriously they are fantastic *I don't want to steal other peoples photos for my own blog*  The show was wonderful!  There was an abundance of strong architectural detail and geometric shapes.  It was all very creative and very striking.  My favorite was a long black and white dress.  Stunning!

Another show I managed to catch was the Jaan Choxi line.  It's a menswear line and it was very sleek and very urban.  Loved seeing it.  This was my favorite look. *This time I learned and brought my camera*

Loved the faux fur collar.  Honestly, I kind of want to steal it.  But my favorite part of the shows is when the designer comes out.  They always look so happy and so relieved.  All that stress of putting a show together is gone and they can just enjoy their success.  I love this part.

You can just see that sparkle in his eyes.

You won't see any street style shots of me, because my messy haired, boho, flat shoed self does not fit in with the glitzy, high heeled glamor of the other attendees.  But that's just dandy with me.  'Cause I can flounce for my own pictures in fields and trip on sticks at my own convenience.  *Oh yeah, that story will be up later this week*

There was one other show I meant to see, but a mix up meant my name wasn't located and therefore I didn't gain admittance. It was hectic and things happen, am I right?  But I wanted to thank the organizers so much anyway for the invite.  I appreciate you reaching out to me, and know that I am truly grateful.  That goes for all the invites by the way.  Truly grateful.

Congratulations to all the designers!  You survived, and you survived in style.  See you all in the Fall.

Fashion Week and the Persistence of Block Clothing Everywhere: A Call To Arms






Kimono - Arnhem  //  Top - UO  //  Jeans - Dittos via UO  //  Boots - Locale  //  Necklace - bought in Spain  //  Rings - F21 & misc

This week has been  all about Toronto Fashion week - or World Mastercard Fashion Week.  What I've found most interesting in attending the shows is that while the clothing on the runway is fascinating and creative, this isn't the case in the fashion industry attendees. *before anyone gets up in arms, I'm not talking about every single person - I'm talking about numbers here. The vast majority* 

The shows are vibrant and unique, and though they aren't all things I personally would wear or I personally love, they are all interesting to look at.  I'm sorry to criticize or rub people the wrong way, but the persistence of a sea of black at fashion week is to me unacceptable.  I'm not saying that wearing black is uninspired.  It's that the black outfit is interesting if it's the only one.  But when the same outfit - you know, the black tight pants, black heels and a variety of 'urban chic' blazer/top - is multiplied by five hundred it becomes banal.

The attendees of fashion week are those in the industry. The leaders, the representatives, the lovers. This is where we should all be showing our own personal style.  Where colors, textures and patterns should come alive.

I'm not talking about peacocking *that fad of wearing ridiculous clothes to be photographed by the press at these events*  I'm talking about every attendee celebrating the freedom of expression and joy of design that I feel fashion affords.  But no,  I walk in and see twenty black pleather leggings, ten thousand black pumps, and a vast ocean of black with a very occasional dot of color.

Is it wrong for me to make a call to arms for us, the industry representatives, to celebrate what's beautiful about fashion - self expression and personal style?  If so I don't want to be right.

I'll be that non pleather-legging-flat-booted-bright-colored-messy-haired pariah, and it's okay that I stand alone.  I'm an introvert anyway.

How I Despise "Must" Haves







Xanadu Dress - Spell Designs  //  Sweater - UO  // Boots - Aldo  //  Sunnies, Necklace & Belt - F21  //  Bag - Target

 I don't know if it's my rebellious nature, or just my cynical view on things, but I seriously dislike when anyone posts articles on "Must Haves."  It's applicable across the board, but I'm mostly referring to fashion posts here.  The "Must Haves in Every Closet", "Must Haves for Spring" etc., etc.  You know what I'm talking about.  Us women have seen them, and continue to see them every season.

Every magazine and blogger always has these "Must Have" articles.  Frankly, I think it's ridiculous. Why 'must' you have it? What's gonna happen if you don't?  You don't need to have anything except weather appropriate clothing to keep you safe from the elements.  That's what you 'must have' and even then, if you don't well, that's at your own risk.  You're a grown up and can make those choices for yourself.

Further, these must haves are not applicable to everyone, so why must you have them?  I don't own a crisp button up white shirt. I haven't owned one for about eight years.  It's on everyone's 'Must Have' list, yet I haven't needed it for eight years.  So perhaps it's not actually a 'Must-Have'?

These are generic lists for generic people and they don't reflect individuality. They should be called "suggested haves."  Because not only do they paint you inside a generic box, but they also make you feel like you are somehow without or lacking if you don't own these things. I call bullshit on that. I don't own a set of classic black pumps.  And thought I do have a classic black blazer, I honestly have worn it for about nine years.  So why must I have these things? Clearly I don't.

What must you have in your wardrobe?  Those pieces that define you and that function in your lifestyle. That's it. That's all you 'must have'  and tell anyone who says differently to shove it somewhere.

You Can't Take the Nerd Out: Star Wars Vans






Top - FreePeople  //  Jeans - Dittos via UO  //  Beanie  - F21  //  Bag - Lucky Brand *hand me down*  //  Star Wars Shoes - Vans

Regardless of what may come. Regardless of shifts in my style. I have been and always shall be a nerd. *Anyone catch the Wrath of Khan reference?*

So when a good friend shared a picture of the Star Wars Vans his wife got him.  I immediately commented with, "WHERE?!?!!?"

They were on sale, and the next day I had called to have them set aside in my size, because there was no way I wasn't getting a pair.  Now, I have A New Hope on my feet, and it makes my geeky little heart sing every time I look down at my feet.

Which I do a lot now, and I really wish they'd stop putting poles and people right in front of me suddenly.

My Little Girl's Fashion Sense


Having a little girl is seriously fantastic.  She plays video games with Dad like a pro - except for when her gaming is reduced to one hand 'cause she's sucking her thumb - and she has such a silly sense of humor.

I'm personally very excited to see her tastes and style developing.  There are weeks when all she wants to do is wear dresses, then there are purple days, and pink days, and blue days, and days where she looks through her drawer for a specific shirt. It's really interesting to watch this person decide how to dress everyday.  Then there are the days she doesn't care of course.

On those days I get to have a little fun.  That's when I pull out that shirt or dress I wanted to see her in.  You see I usually prefer to go with her tastes and give her that freedom.  But on these days I get to make the call.

So when this shirt from Melijoe arrives, it's going to be pulled out on my day.  Though to be fair, with it's bright colors and vibrant patterns, I have a feeling she'll want to wear it as soon as it arrives.  I'm starting to get to know her tastes, and Desigual is right up her alley.

 Desigual is a Spanish brand I discovered many moons ago when travelling through Europe, and it's a touch hard to find in Canada.  It's easier to find their women's line, but their children's line is such a challenge to track down.  I was really excited to see that Melijoe carries it, but to be fair they have a lot of really great brands in their online shop, so it's not much of a surprise.  Their online shop is filled with tons of cute pieces for children and teenagers. I could go crazy there.

I have a feeling she's just going to run off with the shirt when it arrives.
I just hope she gives me time to wash it first before she skips off to school in it.

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